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View PostEducation Fund for Studying Abroad
08 Jan 2021

How to Fund Your Education Abroad?

Many students dream of studying in elite universities and outstanding colleges abroad. The colourful...

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View PostSmiling student - Advantages of Studying Abroad or Overseas Education
23 Dec 2020

Top Advantages of Studying Abroad or Overseas Education

Abroad or overseas education presents you with great benefits. It plays a pivotal role in crafting y...

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View PostReasons why UK is becoming a favourite destination for International students
08 Dec 2020

Why is the UK a Favourite Destination for International Students?

The United Kingdom may top the list if you arrange the abroad education destinations. The country wi...

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View PostCommon Concerns of a Parent While Choosing Overseas Education for their Children
25 Nov 2020

Common Concerns of a Parent While Pondering Overseas Education for their Children

Are you planning to send your child for education abroad? Do you have concerns about overseas educat...

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View PostImportance of Professional Guidance While Studying Abroad
23 Nov 2020

Why Professional Guidance is Necessary While You Prefer Studying Abroad?

Broadened perspective about the path you plan to choose will be helpful to reach a firm decision. A ...

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View PostChoose a preschool for your kid
27 Oct 2020

8 Things to Consider While Choosing a Preschool for your kid

Choosing a preschool for one's child is the most important and confusing decision in any parent's li...

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View PostHomeschooling Over Traditional schooling style
27 Oct 2020

Top Reasons Why Students Choose Homeschooling Over Traditional Schooling in Kuwait

Homeschooling is relatively a new concept. Changing times bring changes to concepts in technology, e...

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View Postfactors to consider while choosing ielts training in Kuwait
30 Sep 2020

Things You Need to Consider While Choosing IELTS Training in Kuwait

The IELTS examination is a cakewalk if you undergo coaching at a professional institute, which has p...

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View PostHomeschooling
05 Sep 2020

Home Schooling – Before and After COVID

The concept of homeschooling has been existing for a while. However, a majority percentage of parent...

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View PostIELTS speaking preparation tips
25 Sep 2020

Tips to improve IELTS speaking preparation

The IELTS speaking preparation is not a herculean task if you pursue some steps methodically. The st...

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View PostAll you want to know about IGCSE-thumbnail
11 Mar 2020

All you want to know about Cambridge IGCSE

IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an examination that is English-l...

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View PostBenefits of BBA Distance Education
29 Jan 2020

Benefits of BBA Distance Education

BBA is one of the top undergraduate course after XII, The Bachelor of Business Administration degre...

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31 Dec 2019

Things You Must Know About Annamalai University Distance Education in Kuwait

Education opens a gateway to a bright future. Gone are the days when students could gain access to h...

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View Postielts test pattern
28 Nov 2019

IELTS Test Pattern - Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the first step for you to complete your dre...

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View PostEdexcel International GCSE
23 Oct 2019

All you want to know about Edexcel International GCSE

GCSE or General Certificates of Secondary Education are the main qualifications taken by students at...

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View Postdistance mba education
23 Sep 2019

Pros and Cons of Distance MBA Program

Before you make up your mind on the MBA Distance Education, we will provide you with the pros and co...

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View Postannamalai university kuwait
21 Aug 2019

Annamalai University - The Best University for Distance Education in Kuwait

Founded in 1929, Annamalai University is the best university for distance education in Kuwait....

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View Postmba from annamalai university
01 Aug 2019

Top 10 Benefits of Pursuing an MBA from Annamalai University

Annamalai University is considered as the best University for MBA and several students enroll in the...

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View Postdistance mba education
01 Aug 2019

Top 10 Advantages of MBA Distance Education

Find the top 10 advantages of MBA distance education....

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View Postielts exam preparation
18 Jun 2019

Which Countries Accept IELTS? All You Want to Know About IELTS

Read about IELTS exam, test pattern and countries on which IELTS applicable for?...

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View PostIELTS training in Kuwait
01 Jun 2019

5 tips to Improve your writing skills in IELTS

Read the blog to know the 5 tips to Improve your writing skills in IELTS...

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View PostMBA in Kuwait
31 May 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree in Kuwait

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree in Kuwait. Open the door to thriving career opportunities....

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View PostIGCSE School student
29 Aug 2019

Benefits of IGCSE Syllabus for your Children's Career

Read more about the benefits of IGCSE syllabus for your children's career...

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View PostIELTS test preparation in Kuwait
12 Apr 2019

How to Get a High Score in IELTS in One Month?

How to get a high score in IELTS in one month? The common question among the IELTS aspirants, we hav...

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View PostSchool students learning IGCSE Syllabus
29 Aug 2019

IGCSE Syllabus vs CBSE Syllabus

IGCSE vs CBSE Board: Significant Differences That would help you make your decision ...

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View PostA boy with IELTS application form for IELTS training in Kuwait
29 Aug 2019

Tips to Get Higher Score in IELTS Speaking Test

If you wish to study and to settle abroad, then along with your academic strength, you will need to ...

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View Posta girl reading igcse book
29 Aug 2019

IGCSE Syllabus - Everything You Need to Know

IGCSE Syllabus - Everything You Need to Know...

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