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19 Oct 2022

Benefits of IGCSE Syllabus for your Children's Career

IGCSE School student

If you have a child at home, whom you want to admit in a school, then you must be going through the various boards and syllabi available near your local schools. Have you ever thought of getting your child admitted in a school that is affiliated to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE board? As the name suggests, it is an international board and the syllabus is accustomed to the syllabus that is followed in schools abroad. You may have noticed that some schools in your locality, unlike the other schools, possess the word “International” in their names. This is because most of those schools follow the IGCSE curriculum and have an international standard of the syllabus. The faculty who teach this curriculum possess a lot of experience in this field. Now, you must be thinking that when there are so many other recognized boards, why will you enrol your child in IGCSE board, in standard one? The reason lies in the following discussion.

Benefits of IGCSE Syllabus for your Children

  1. Firstly, your child will learn a syllabus that is valid universally. This curriculum and the system of education is not only designed for students who are resident in your country and wish to go abroad but is also designed for foreign students who wish to study in your home country. Therefore, the course is suited for all sections of the community and has an international outlook. You might enrol a child today in India or Japan or Kuwait, but your child may not stick to his or her home country when he or she grows up. Your child may wish to study abroad. He may also wish to work in an abroad country. In either of this case, the IGCSE board will be of great help. This board is internationally accepted in any company or school or college. So for example, you stay in Kuwait and after 3 or 4 years you get a job in Singapore, then if your child studies in IGCSE board, you will not find any problem in your child’s admission in a school of Singapore. This is because the certificate that your child will receive after passing out from an IGCSE school in Kuwait will be accepted in the school of Singapore.

  2. The versatility of the course is another reason for which you should consider the IGCSE board for your child. This system of education concentrates more on building up the intelligence level and adaptability of the child, rather than the memory power of the child. Some curriculums are a mere test of the memory of a child. On the other hand, an IGCSE course breaks the norms of keeping a stereotype syllabus and incorporates a lot of advanced topics and subjects. Such subjects could be in the field of science, arts or commerce or even some other related discipline. This makes your child highly receptive of the new things that are coming up in society. That is why, in most schools, No particular books are prescribed for the students. The students are free to select their books on their respective subjects, based on their intelligence level. The teachers will provide some guidance regarding the best books of the lot available in the market. However, there is no guarantee, that the syllabus or the teaching pattern will follow the pattern provided in the book. The questions set for the yearly examinations may or may not follow a definite pattern. This particular point makes the IGCSE curriculum unique as well as a tough nut to crack. Therefore, here some training institutes have taken up the responsibility to guide the students in a way that they can clear the IGCSE yearly examinations or admission tests in one go. Apachia Institute for private training helps the students in this regard. The tuition timings for the IGCSE subjects can be personalized according to one’s suitability. Along with there are facilities for E-learning which helps the students to learn, even when they are not physically present in the classes.

  3. Lastly, speaking of versatility, IGCSE system offers subject specializations on 20 different languages. Therefore, it is wrong if one thinks that this system of education helps in specialization in English Language only. The English language is one of the languages in which you can choose to study the subjects. For some subjects, however, you will have to take up classes in English only. For other subjects, you get to choose from a range of different languages. You may find your mother tongue among those languages. Sometimes, some students feel studying some elective topics in their native language to be much more comfortable. This is found mostly in the case of those students who come to a foreign country and choose IGCSE schools for their further higher education. Therefore, it is quite understandable, that the course curriculum has been designed to suit the needs of the international students. You will not only be able to know more about a variety of new subjects, but you will also learn a bunch of new languages. As mentioned earlier, IGCSE courses don’t force a student to study in one particular way and it gives the students a lot of freedom in choosing their elective subjects, reference books and the languages in which those elective subjects would be taught.

IGCSE standard is now being applied in a lot of schools that followed a state or district board earlier. The reason is that this curriculum is internationally accepted and recognized. Switching to IGCSE board makes the school also internationally recognized. If you think that your child will not be restricted to the boundaries of his or her home country in the future, then you should definitely think of IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Along with this, if you think that your child is facing problems with the curriculum of IGCSE and may have a problem in clearing the final examination, then you should approach Apachia Institute for Private Training. You will notice the marked improvement in your child. This will not only build confidence in your child, but it also makes his future secured.