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IELTS Training in Kuwait

Apachia, the official partner of British Council, Kuwait provides a platform for tutoring Standard English language Tests for candidates seeking entry into higher level education or employment. Our IELTS training Kuwait division has more than 15 years of proven result oriented track record of supporting numerous aspirants to fly high in their respective careers. Indivisible attention is catered to all four modules of IELTS coaching comprising of Listening, Reading Writing & Speaking. Through our expertise, we are able to sustain the required standards of all the International Examinations. Being the official partner of the British Council we assure high-quality IELTS coaching in Kuwait and mold the candidates to handle English easily in all ways.

"If you have a firm Decision, Along with a passionate Dedication, To reach your Dreams Then come, join APACHIA We will Direct you to the Destination.

    • Sophisticated Classrooms as per the British Council standards.
    • The medium of Teaching – English
    • Highly qualified and experienced lecturers
    • Interactive sessions
    • Personalized training for IELTS Academic/ General tests 


    IELTS Tests and its Components


    a boy with showing IELTS application form in hand


    The IELTS is certainly one of the most significant tests that anyone may take in order to establish themselves as an entrant into various academic and education streams. Apachia, an officially recognized partner of the British Council, Kuwait provides all the necessary resources for anyone looking to properly prepare for the IELTS test. Our IELTS training in Kuwait methodology and provisions are tried and tested over the years with constant updates being facilitated to constantly serve the students in a better way than ever before. You will be getting a laser-focused curriculum across all the four domains of the IELTS:


    A proper and most efficient form of reading and comprehension will be provisioned for this aspect of the test. The outcome would be seen as an automatically high degree of competency in this field from every possible perspective.


    Writing lessons would generally feature a holistic improvement of all possible weaknesses of any student, which shall ultimately result in an altogether greater level of performance as a whole.


    Proper lessons about pronunciation and linguistic basic would instruct and train how to properly speak, and make others understand the language at hand. After the program, proper communication should not be a problem.


    All of these activities would be combined under a single wing that shall improve the student’s own listening abilities and rapid comprehension to provide space for the formulation of points and other forms of thinking.

    • Updated  study materials
    • 25-100 Hours of Training
    • Personalized IELTS training timings
    • Performance assessment on a daily basis
    • Advanced IELTS training methodology


    Why Apachia Institute for IELTS Training in Kuwait



    First of all, not only are you gaining the trust of an institute, which is closely associated with many important testing authorities of the world like the IELTS, but training would be provided in excess too. This would certainly be a plus point for the entire proposition of whether you should sign up with Apachia as the Institute for IELTS training in Kuwait also provisions for securing the degree through an entirely online procedure, and yet nothing would be inaccurate or wrong in the outcome. Here are some ways Apachia make it possible:

    High standard Teaching Methodology and Resources

    • One of the main features of the entire IELTS training mechanism of the classes is that they have been exactly fashioned in accordance with British Council Standards.

    • There are significantly qualified personnel who have been experts into multiple career courses in studying and completely mastering the English language as a whole.

    • With interactive sessions and constant tests, you cannot go wrong with the instructional program.

    • Guiding all the students for the career/placement level approach to ensure that they are aware of the career path.

    • Weekly Mock tests to analyse the standards of the students and to achieve the desired IELTS band score.

    • Special discussion sessions to enhance the communication skills of the students.

    • Guiding the students to implement the tips and tricks to improve the IELTS band score.