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Computer Training

With the expansion of technology in the current corporate sector, our computer courses are tailor made in such a way that each student gets trained and adapt to the change smartly in rapid pace. Apachian personalized training makes the candidates competent enough to thrive out many technical hassles and it provides a cakewalk to scale up their goals. Our wide range of courses facilitates a variety of options to choose from. Opportunities are provided to learn from the very basics of computer science, thus a pathway could be established to progress to the most advanced level.


    • E- Classrooms
    • Medium of Teaching – English
    • Highly qualified and experienced lecturers
    • Apachian Customized Study Materials
    • Interactive sessions
    • Lecture Presentations and Video Clips
    • Introduction to E- Learning


    Apachia- Kuwait’s Leading Computer Coaching Center


    If you want to learn to operate computers and various languages used in computers, then you should think of a professional institute that would help you not only learn the subject but use it professionally. It is quite obvious, that you would be applying for vocational courses or jobs related to computers after completing computer training. Therefore, it is imperative that the training that is offered to you makes you ready for further higher studies and also get various kinds of computer jobs. There is one professional and renowned institute that can help you achieve a successful career in computers and that is Apachia Institute for Private Training.


    Our Expertise in Computer Education


    We have very dedicated faculties who will teach you the latest subjects in computers. Our institute is around 15 years old, and therefore has some of the best faculties in the country. You will not only be able to learn the topics that are currently prevalent and in high demand in the corporate sector regarding job vacancies, but you will also be able to learn the upcoming subjects in computers that are going to create a buzz in the job market. The teachers will impart their lectures in English and make the learning process as natural and as comprehensible as applicable. You can get E-classrooms when you join for computer courses in our institute. With this facility, you can actually imbibe the positive aspects of computers. You will get study materials that will not just be course materials, but a professional guide to help you when you are sitting at home and trying to go through the subject.

    • MS Office
    • Basic / Advanced C/C++
    • ICDL
    • IGCSE - ICT / Computer Science
    • SEcretarial Course
    • AS - AICT / Computer Science
    • Advanced Excel
    • CBSE - Informatics
    • Web Designing
    • BSC IT
    • Dream Weaver
    • .Net
    • Basic / Advanced Java
    • Photoshop
    • Oracle DBA
    • Oracle Developer
    • Weblogic Server
    • Spring & Hibernate
    • Web Services ( Soap & Restful)
    • Basic & Advanced Python
    • Data Science
    • Oracle BI & Data Warehouse
    • Android & IOS development
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Indesign
    • Coral Draw
    • Adobe Premium Pro
    • Final Cut Pro X


    Why should you need basic computer skills?


    There is no denial of the fact that computers are the present and the future of our country. Therefore, you need to update yourself with the latest technologies and languages used in computer science. Otherwise, you will become obsolete in the job market. These days companies who offer a job to a candidate first make sure whether and how much computer knowledge the candidate has. Therefore, if you want to get a job and excel in your career, you need to get computer training. However, not every kind of job requires a similar kind of computer knowledge. Therefore, before you join the course, be sure what kind of jobs you want in the future and choose the computer course accordingly.