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IGCSE – Cambridge & Edexcel

Training in either Cambridge or Edexcel IGCSE, the best Educational curriculum worldwide is a part and parcel of Apachian Training. Apachia, one of the leading IGCSE Institute in Kuwait offers IGCSE tuition and homeschooling in either Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE, with personalized teaching and interactive classes you can ensure a higher score in your IGCSE exam. IGCSE, an abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education qualification, is approved globally as per UK standards. It is regarded as the most preferred study program for High School level students internationally. This is a system wherein the students are self-taught to be consistent with the fast growing needs of the society.

    • Sophisticated Classrooms
    • Medium of Teaching – English
    • Highly qualified and experienced lecturers
    • Apachian customised Worksheets and Study Materials
    • Exposure to previous exam patterns
    • Interactive sessions
    • Lecture Presentations and Video Clips
    • Introduction to E- Learning


    Important features of the IGCSE


    The International General Certificate of Secondary Education has long served as the standard through which school talents are measured on their academic merit upon the High School level. Here are some of the features that you should probably know about the entire curriculum and test offerings

    • The IGCSE is equivalent to the GCSE in the UK, which indicates that any student who has taken the IGCSE can pursue a higher education above high school in the UK. It is certainly an extremely beneficial board to properly recognize your academic talents and skills.

    • The IGCSE actually provides every certificate for every subject taken by the student. This leads to a greater review of proficiency.

    • The exams can be given from anywhere and would be properly recognized by Boards of Education in the UK accordingly.

    • Set coursework of any kind is not a necessity for taking IGCSE.

    • They are available in two distinct test curriculum, namely Cambridge and Edexcel.


    Cambridge IGCSE


    The Cambridge version of the exam offers more options in every way imaginable. For instance, IGCSE may occur in three separate months, February, May and October respectively. The paper is formulated and set by the CIE and is checked in accordance with the larger Cambridge Assessment Board for exams. The institution also offers a separate but highly valuable certificate in the form of International Certificate of Education (ICE) if the student is allowed to be graded across a minimum of seven subjects, which is passable upon obtaining any gradation between A+ and C. Language, Human studies, Mathematics, Science and Creative technical and vocational competence are main groups or areas through which every individual subject could be selected.

    • Integrated syllabus covered in detail
    • 4.5 hours of classes per Week
    • Worksheet and syllabus completion within 3-4 Months
    • Personalized tuition timings 
    • Performance assessment on a regular basis
    • Personalized tuition timings 
    • Performance assessment on a regular basis


    Mission about Apachia’s IGCSE Training School




    Apachia always sees training as a way to shape the student’s learning experience in a more interesting and affirming format. To this end, all its resources are aimed at helping students achieve international success in education so that they would not have any boundaries in pursuing their career trajectories. The mission is to see through that an entire generation of students from Kuwait and elsewhere achieve a uniform mode of recognition, irrespective of country or any other kind of affiliation.      


    Edexcel IGCSE


    Edexcel is a privately regulated body of education in the UK, which offers its own tests under the banner of IGCSE. The format is more or less similar given that it also conducts GCSE mirroring to Cambridge in the UK. Its offers in qualifications and certificates have definitely an equal status as its Cambridge counterpart, but the tests are said to be quite hard. This means students who generally take the Edexcel curriculum and test offerings would have to prepare well. This is quite effectively provided by Apachia’s hands-on training.