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10 Nov 2021

Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Georgia for International Students

studying in georgia benefits

A small country with a big heart, that’s Georgia. Graduates from several parts of the world are flocking into this small country for higher education. There are several perks that are associated with Georgia and its educational sector. Starting from relatively less cost of living to the high quality of education, the attractions are many.

Getting admission to Georgian universities is not a long and tedious procedure like that of universities in the US, UK, or Canada. It is also one reason why students love Georgia so much. If you are looking to study in Georgia to begin your higher education, here are 10 reasons why you should consider Georgia.


 1O Benefits of Studying in Georgia

Studying in Georgia Benefits


1. Quality is impeccable

A student will get the same quality of education that one can get in universities like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, etc. They employ highly qualified teachers and also give the students a chance to build networks, a prime attraction of Ivy-League campuses. Georgia has several internationally accredited institutions which can impart and shape a good career for the students.

2. Less Cost of  Living

The cost of living in the UK and the US is way too high that many students leave their dream of studying in foreign universities due to that. But the cost of living in Georgia is far too less when compared to other European countries. Accommodations are easy to find and also cost less. It won’t cause financial distress to the students and they can better focus on their education.


IELTS and TOEFL are compulsory for gaining admission in all universities in the UK AND USA. But it is not necessary for joining any universities or colleges in Georgia. These language tests are a huge hurdle for international students as most won’t be having English as their first language. These exams also cost a big amount that students are apprehensive of attempting. Universities in Georgia are inclusive of all differences and therefore don’t put prime importance on English or any language.

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4. Easy to find part-time jobs

Once a student gets a residence permit, it becomes easier to find part-time jobs in Georgia. It will ease the economic worries. The student can work along with their education and easily pay all bills including accommodation and tuition fees without the added burden of student loans. Student debts can be worrisome as they will carve out a huge chunk of a student’s life trying to pay it back.

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5. Get the admission letter quickly

The process of admission is easier and quick when compared to other universities including the Ivy-League campuses. Once you apply and submit all necessary documents, you will get intimation of acceptance quicker. Without much-complicated processes and long waiting, the admission letter will be in your hands. It will save time for the students and can get their preparations quickly.

6. Nature’s bounty

Studying can be hard, boring, and stressful. Taking a break always helps. Georgia is impeccably beautiful in its landscape and has several natural beauties that will drive your worries away. It won’t let you miss home with its hospitality, generosity, and natural abundance. There are several attractions to see in Georgia including Atlanta, which is only minutes away. It offers a lot of getaways where you can visit on holidays and have a rejuvenating time before getting back to books.

7. Authorized educational centers

All educational centers in Georgia are authorized by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. This helps in maintaining the immaculate standards of education in Georgia. All degrees and diplomas earned from Georgian Universities are recognized throughout the world.  

8. Less tuition fee

While the tuition fee costs a huge sum in the UK and the US, it costs relatively less in Georgia. Only courses that involve a lot of study instruments like Medicine for instance come at a higher price. Other courses are easily affordable and cost only between US$2500 to US$6000 per year which is far less when compared to other foreign universities. In short, it is one shot at earning quality education at an affordable price.

9. Choose medium of education

IELTS and TOEFL are not necessary to join a Georgian university. It is because of the inclusive nature of Georgian universities. Here, the students can choose the language of instruction.  It can either be in English, Russian or Georgian. The student can pick the language based on their grasp of the same.

10. Easy transportation, cheap restaurants

Georgia is a small country with interconnected cities and towns. Also, the restaurants in Georgia are cheap and affordable for students. It gets them within the reach of quality food without spending a fortune for it.

Hope you got a clear idea of the benefits of studying in Georgia. Share this information with your friends so that it may be helpful for them too.


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