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24 Sep 2021

Top 10 Universities in the USA to Study Abroad

Top Universities in USA to study

It is an irrefutable fact that the USA is one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations in the world. Some of the top-ranked universities in the world are situated in the USA. Therefore, it is not surprising that many aspiring students seek them out for realizing their higher education dreams.

With the abundance of options available, it might be daunting to narrow in on the university you wish to study at, considering almost all the universities in the USA providing world-class courses in every field imaginable. Here is a list of the top universities in the USA to study at.

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Top Universities In the USA to Study Abroad

Top Universities In the USA


1. Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard is one of the most distinguished universities in the world and is touted as one of the best universities when it comes to quality of education, employer reputation, and academic excellence. Harvard attracts millions of students every year, more popularly in the fields of medicine, law, and business, but has a low acceptance rate for international students compared to other universities in the US, which makes getting into Harvard even more covetous.  


2. Stanford University

From computer science to arts to medicine, the vast range of courses offered by Stanford is at par with any of the top universities in the world. Founded in 1885, Stanford University ranks among the best universities worldwide for its academic reputation as well as faculty to student ratio. Stanford accepts TOEFL scores for admission of international students and is one of the most popular study abroad universities in the USA.


3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is one of the most premier schools of technology in the USA and in the world, with many great engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs of this era being MIT alumni. Offering over 120 courses in different disciplines, some of the most popular courses there are Master of Architecture, Ph.D. in Biology, and Master of Science in Integrated Design and Management. 


4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Another famed university for its science and technology programs, Caltech is most renowned for its state-of-the-art research and technology facilities. It is no wonder that Caltech is home to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and International Observatory Network and one of the biggest research and development hubs in the world.


5. Princeton University

With a 12% international student body rate, Princeton has one of the largest international student populations in the USA. Being one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country, Princeton ranks high in terms of citations per faculty in the research field. Some of the most popular courses at Princeton are Social Science, Engineering, Computer and Information Science, Biology and Physical Science to name a few.


6. Yale University

Founded in 1701, Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut is also one of the oldest yet most distinguished universities in the USA. Yale has a formidable range of courses, the most famous of them being law and management. Yale University has made a name for itself for its high-ranking graduate and undergraduate programs in a variety of fields.


7. Cornell University

Easily one of the best universities in the USA, Cornell ranks highly when it comes to faculty to student ratio, research output as well as demography of international students. Cornell University was established in 1865 in Ithaca, New York, and is famous for its S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, College of Engineering, Law School, and Weill Cornell Medical College.


8. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA for short was founded in 1882 as a public grant university. It has garnered recognition far and wide for its School of Theater, Film, and Television as well as School of Dentistry. UCLA has been one of the most sought-after universities in the USA and is one of the most competitive schools to get into. It attracts multitudes of international students as well every year.


9. Columbia University

Columbia is one of the most exclusive universities in the USA with just a 5.8 acceptance rate. Therefore, it is not surprising that Columbia attracts hundreds of thousands of prospective applications every year. Established in the year 1754 as King’s College in Manhattan, Columbia University is the fifth oldest university in the USA and one of the prestigious ivy league colleges in the country. 


10. University of Pennsylvania

With the most diverse demographics among universities in the country, the University of Pennsylvania or UPenn has managed to attract a large number of international students from all over the world. Established in 1740, UPenn is one of the nine colonial colleges and is now popular for its basketball and lacrosse teams.

These are just a few of the top-ranked universities in the USA that would be perfect to meet your higher education needs. Whatever be your chosen field of study, there are plenty of universities in the USA that cater to your discipline at every level and budget.

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