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18 Feb 2021

Study in USA: A Complete Guide for International Students

Complete Guide for Studying in USA

Courses in almost all of the streams are available in the US. Therefore, a student need not to worry about the same. The international students can opt for either fall or spring admission. The fall admission process begins in August every year. And the spring admission starts in January. However, the courses available in each of the admission vary. 

This article is aimed at helping the international students in understanding the process to be pursued for joining a course in the USA.

Facilities Available for International Students in the US

Facilities Available for Students Studying Abroad

Many of the universities and colleges in the US offer a plethora of additional services to make the stay of the international student comfortable and productive. The facilities available at the campuses include the following:

      1. Single Windows Assistance on Immigration Queries

The students can contact the officials and clarify all their doubts, concerning immigration formalities and the process, through the multicultural affairs office. 

      2. Language is not a Barrier

You may not be fluent in English, may have difficulties in understanding US English, or similar issues. The institutions understand this. They have specific faculties for inculcating language proficiency in the students those who are weak in English. The extra attention is beneficial for improving the language quickly. They will also undertake special training for enhancing your English writing skills as well. 

      3.Career Services

Many a time, students want to work part-time during the course, for reducing the financial burden on the family, as well as, earning some pocket money. Career guidance services in the USA will help you find the right job, which are permissible to international students. Further, the career services can be approached for guidance on obtaining a job subsequent to the course.

      4. Counselling Experts’ Service  

Overseas students may find it difficult to blend with the students of different ethnicities, culture, and race. Some of them may turn homesick, being away from home. Counsellors will motivate and guide the students to overcome the feelings and gel with others easily. 

      5. Justice System

The USA is renowned for considering everyone with parity. The ombudsman ensures that international students get justice quickly if they are subjected to any kind of discrimination or harassment. 

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Cost for Studying in the USA

Cost of Studying Abroad

The cost of completing a higher education course will depend upon several things. Therefore, the total expense we mention here may be considered for obtaining a generic idea. Further, the amount mentioned are approximate only:

  • Associate Degree Program - $4,000/ year

  • Four Year Degree Program (Public College) - $27,000/ year

  • Four Year Degree Program (Private College) - $37,000/ year

  • Master Graduation Program - $37,000/ year

  • MBA Courses (average) - $1,25,000/ year


The student may get scholarships or grants if he or she is excellent in academic or extracurricular activities. However, the number of students eligible for the same is observed to be minimal. The scholarships for international students in the US are Humphrey Fellowship, Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship, World Bank Graduate Student Scholarship, Foreign Fulbright student Scholarship Program, Civil Society Leadership Award etc. 

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Application Criteria, Eligibility, and Process for International Students

Application Criteria, Eligibility, and Process for International Students

Online application has become the common admission process for universities in the US. The student needs to submit documents, a scanned copy of passport, assignments, essays, academic transcripts and other requisite documents.

Scores and performance during various tests including SAT, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL will be instrumental in ensuring admission to top universities in the US. Your application would be accepted based for the following:

  • Your academic excellence. Performance during the previous classes and course. 

  • Scores in tests like the ACT, SAT etcetera

  • Proficiency in the English language as assessed through IELTS or TOEFL

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Essay assignments

  • Statement of Purpose


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How to Obtain Visa for Studying in the US

Visa Process

The international students seeking courses in the USA must gain an F1 visa. The unfussy visa process for the subject visa helps the student to get it issued without any impediments. Steps involved in the visa-issuance process are:

  • Obtain acceptance letter from an approved university on Student and Visitor Exchange Program. You may reach out to us to help you with this. 

  • Pay the fee and get the form I90 issued. The said form has to be submitted whilst you appear for the visa interview.

  • Submit the completed visa application to the embassy/ consulate of the USA.

  • Obtain form DS160 for appearing for the interview for an F1 visa.

  • Arrange all the requisite documents and appear for the interview on the date and time allotted.

We can help you complete the process without any confusion or delay. In addition, our experienced professional educational counsellors will help you choose the right university for the course you intend to pursue. 


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