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31 Mar 2021

How to Get the Best Scholarship to Study Abroad?

How to Get the Best Scholarship to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an expensive dream generally. The students belonging to low-income family may find it difficult to find money to support overseas education. Scholarships are aimed at those students, with caliber, facing budget constraints. The financial support thus obtained would reduce the load on the parents remarkably.  

Those who have exceptional achievements in academics, art, sports, or any other field can apply for a scholarship offered by various institutions.  However, one should not misconstrue a scholarship with a grant. Although both are financial aids by reputed organizations, governmental departments, or NGOs, which doesn’t have to be repaid, one is different from the other.    

A grant is provided to an economically backward student, who doesn’t have the financial status to fund his or her studies. On the other hand, a scholarship is intended for a meritorious student, with excellent academic, sports, or artistic achievements. 

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Who can Apply for Scholarships?

Who can Apply for Scholarships

The generic answer to the question would be, whoever has the stated qualifications or achievements can apply for the scholarships. Different universities and organizations have different eligibility criteria promulgated by them. The scholarship application process, guidelines for filling out the application and the last date will be described on their respective websites.

There are numerous scholarships available for a student opting to study abroad. Many a time, the scholarships would be by the organizations functioning in a particular country. It will be, therefore, limited to the respective country. It may turn an uphill task for the student to research the scholarships for overseas education at a particular country or an elite university. Reputed abroad educational consultants like Apachia Institute would be the perfect guide for the student during such a situation.

One with outstanding academic records, state or national level representation in sports or winner of awards for artistic talents is considered for scholarships ideally. A few organizations may offer scholarships for special talents as well. Therefore, it is a bit complicated to provide a simple answer to the question, who can apply for scholarships.

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 How to Apply for Scholarships to Study Abroad?   

How to Apply for Scholarships to Study Abroad

The process involves several steps. It begins with finding out the right scholarship and culminates in obtaining the scholarship. There are numerous websites that list out details of study abroad scholarships. Browse through the sites to identify the scholarships that suit the qualifications.

1.     Research

Research about the scholarships offered in the country/ university one wants to pursue higher studies. This is a crucial step and may necessitate support from an abroad educational consultant.

2.     Prepare an Impressive Resume

The only way for the scholarship granting authority to evaluate your merit is through the resume you submit. Be sure that you prepare a brilliant resume. It should stand out from others and reflect your talents effectively.

3.     Collect all the Certificates in Original

You will have to submit scanned copies of your certificates. Collect all the documents and certificates and scan those to a particular folder. To avoid missing out on any of the certificates whilst applying.

4.     Obtain References if Possible

It will elevate the chances if one can get references from professors or other renowned personalities from the education sector.

5.     Proofread the Application and Other Documents

Check that all the documents, application, and resume are up to date, and are free of errors. Correct the errors, if any, before proceeding with the application process.

6.     Apply for the Scholarship

The scholarship applications are online nowadays. Fill out the application and submit it. It is crucial that the filled application must be cross-verified before clicking the submit button. For that matter, an erroneous entry can hamper the scholarship dreams.

7.     Submission of Acceptance Letter

The universities or the authority that provides scholarships will send an acceptance letter. The terms and conditions mentioned in the letter have to be read and accepted.  The application will be considered only after the submission of the same.

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The Tail End

Scholarships have aided many students to choose their passion and grow in life. Many individuals adorning top echelons of organizations have come up by availing scholarships. It is also a morale-boosting factor that reinstates in a student’s mind about his or her mettle.

Apachia Institute has experienced abroad educational consultants and counsellors to help the students enrol in elite educational institutions around the world. The experts at our agency will discuss with the student and evaluate his or her tastes. To guide the student about the right overseas educational institution, the scholarships available, the enrolment process, and all the other relevant factors subsequently.

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