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19 Oct 2022

How to Get a High Score in IELTS in One Month?

IELTS test preparation in Kuwait

If you are preparing for an English Language test like IELTS, then you must be having a score in mind that you want to achieve. The IELTS has four testing metrics on which you get a score individually and they are, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. After the scores for each of these individual tests are provided, the final band score is calculated and that is an average of all the scores obtained in those four tests. If you stay focused and study in a structured manner, then you can score well in this test. However, there are no shortcuts and there is no way that you can score really high in IELTS by studying just for a few weeks or a month. The methods that will be provided here are for students or candidates who have prepared their basic knowledge in IELTS and may have already appeared for the IELTS at least for once or twice. You may have not found your ideal score in those tests. You already have the basic knowledge of English grammar or communication skills. Now you require some strategies to get a better score from what you have already achieved in your previous IELTS and that too in a short amount of time, say a month.

Buy good books

Books that cover this test will provide with study materials, complimentary audio CDs, tips, and tricks to stay focused at the last hour of the examination and much more. A lot of students who are preparing for IELTS ask where to buy a huge amount of audio clips and corresponding transcripts to practice listening test. My answer is that you buy a few books of the Cambridge IELTS series or the series of Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS. There are 13-14 books under this series. It is not feasible that you buy all the books just before one month of your examination. However, you can buy at least two books and that too, of the latest edition and practice them. You will get some audio clips on how to answer a question for a speaking test. You will get some sample writing tasks already completed for you. However, these are model answers and there is no hard and fast rule in IELTS that you will have to follow a single pattern of writing or speaking. In different books on IELTS, you will find different kinds of answers for the same writing tasks or the same speaking tests. You can follow a pattern that comes naturally to you.

Practice writing and speaking yourself

Speaking of following a natural pattern, sometimes students complain that although they used certain “vocabulary” or certain “style of writing” they didn’t manage to get the score they intended. The reason is that you borrowed a style that is not natural to you. The examiner can make that out very easily. One thing that IELTS examiners hate is giving bookish or mugged up answers or portraying someone else’s style to be their own. No matter how well you practised, your ultimate IELTS score will come down, just because of this simple reason. Follow the writing style or speaking skill that comes naturally to you. Don’t use a vocabulary whose meaning you don’t know or which doesn’t go with your total style of writing at all. Maybe you have seen someone else speak or write the same word somewhere and you are aping that style. However, those vocabularies may not be needed in your answer at all. It will give the examiner a feeling that you have already thought of this question before and mugged up an answer on that.

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Keep practising

Nothing beats rigorous practice to top an examination. IELTS is no exception to that. Practice materials on reading and writing questions as much as you can before the examination. You will be able to understand your faults from your practice at home. If you buy some good books on IELTS as suggested before, then practicing will become much easier. One important aspect of practicing is regular feedback. There is no meaning of constant practice on a certain subject if you don’t get feedback on your performance.

Enrol in a professional institute

Speaking of constructive feedback on the various domains of IELTS examination, nothing is comparable to getting enrolled in a professional IELTS Training Institute. This is even more advisable to those candidates who have not scored their desired marks in IELTS and now will be appearing for this test again in a month or two. In order to score higher than what you have already achieved in your previous tests, you must sit for mock tests that will be organized by such professional institutes. You will be able to assess your own progress from the band score that you achieve in those mock tests. Your mentors will tell you whether you are ready to get your desired score in the coming IELTS examination. If you are a candidate from Kuwait, then you can be a part of Apachia Institute for Private Training and get benefits of the 15 years of long experience of this institute. The faculties of this institute have years of professional experience and can help you get your desired Band score. You will know your mistakes from the feedback provided by the trainers.

As earlier mentioned, you need to prepare for quite a few months or if required for a year, before you appear for the examination. This article is for those candidates who are searching for their desired score after they have completed their basic preparation in IELTS and have their examination within a month or for those who have already missed their desired score in the previous IELTS examination. If you enrol in Apachia Institute, you will get to know everything you need to know about this examination and where you are lagging behind. Therefore, you can hone your abilities on those domains within a month and sit for IELTS and get your desired band score.