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31 May 2021

Test Optional vs Test Flexible vs Test Blind - All you need to know!

Test Optional vs Test Flexible vs Test Blind - All you need to know

There is a world out there full of possibilities. Just learn to explore them. Getting educated abroad would be a dream of many. In today's world, several agencies could help you conquer four dreams. But there are certain things you should be aware of while opting to study in a college or university abroad. Test Optional, Test Flexible, and Test Blind would be the terms that you have come across.

To know each of them peculiarly would be helpful in your overseas education procedures. So what do these terms refer to and what is their importance in overseas education? This article would help you know that. 

There are quite a number of tests that you appear to get qualified for pursuing education abroad. Test Optional, Test Flexible, and Test Blind are associated with the role of these tests in admission processes. Preparing and appearing for the SAT or ACT is one of the major stresses faced by students looking for overseas higher education opportunities. 

However, the fact to be known is that SAT or ACT is just a single data point in their application evaluation. 

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Test Optional vs Test Flexible vs Test Blind 

Colleges and universities consider the scores as important for admission but what is more important is the grades you earn. Then comes the importance of Test Optional, Test Flexible and Test Blind options. 

The Test Optional colleges allow a student to decide whether or not to submit their test scores along with the admission application. The colleges that are into this category consider other criteria important to decide the potential of an applicant. 

To be specific, colleges that have a test optional admissions policy considers the applicant’s high school academic record as the most important assessment criteria. Applicant’s personal essay, recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, and personal interview are also considered as some of the important points. 

Most of the colleges have switched to the test optional admission methods after the pandemic attack. 

The Test Blind method was not as common as the test optional method before the pandemic. This admission option does not consider your test scores throughout the evaluation process even if you have submitted them. The test blind colleges were less in number before the world was struck with Covid 19. But now more colleges have begun to shift to the test blind admission mode. 

This is done by realising that many of the students find it difficult to take a test and giving them even a test optional admission would put many in a dilemma. So many colleges have decided to take off test scores from their evaluation process. 

Now comes the Test Flexible admission. In a Test Flexible admission, the students are given the freedom to choose which test is to be submitted along with the application. If a student wishes to submit his/her SAT, she/he is free to do so. Students can also choose among the ACT, International Baccalaureate exam or an Advanced Placement test. 

Knowing the difference between these three modes of admission would help you more in your admission process. 

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