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28 Jun 2021

How to get a Student Visa for UK in 2021?

Student Visa for UK 2021

Brexit has brought in several changes in the policies followed in UK. The country has introduced amendments to the student visa regulations as well. New immigration policies have been introduced in 2020, which have replaced some of the age-old regulations.

The Brexit has led to a lot of confusion concerning the students from European and non-European nations. All said and done, the latest transformation is advantageous for foreign students. The vacancies for international students have increased phenomenally. Further, the students can consider working in the UK for 02 years, post completion of the course.

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How to get a Student Visa for UK? - UK Student Visa Application Process

A step-wise process for UK student visa application is provided in the succeeding paragraphs. You may get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on the topic. And obtaining our support for admissions to elite universities in UK and getting visa approval without any hassles.


student visa for UK steps

1.         University and Course

Before you commence the visa application process, you must finalize the university and the course. With a plethora of colleges offering the course, it may turn into a complex task to choose the most desirable university.

Not to worry, we can help you with that. You may not have a broad idea about the infrastructure, the value of the certificates, the course fee, and other related aspects. We can provide you with all that vital info. 

Let us know your choice of course. We would present you with the list of reputed universities offering the same.

2.          University and College Admission Service (UCAS)

Have you heard of UCAS? It is the organization governing the admissions to universities and colleges in the UK. The application to the universities in the country is processed through the website of UCAS. 

Furthermore, the acceptance letter from the agency, Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), is mandatory for the immigration process.

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The fundamental element that would decide the fate of your application is a personal statement (of about 500 words) that you would submit to UCAS. The power of the statement would turn decisive if one among two or more students has to be selected. Therefore, the preparation of an engaging and honest statement is essential.

Foreign students can apply to up to 05 universities simultaneously. The charge for application to five universities is £25 (subject to change) and for one university, it is £20. You may start the process of application at the earliest, as the application for the courses in UK universities in January and September are open now.

3.         Health Surcharge

Every student planning to pursue higher education in UK needs to pay £150 for a health coverage scheme. The authority will issue a certificate stating the receipt of the said amount. This certificate is mandatory for a visa.

4.         Visa

A degree program would need a General Visa, which is also called Tier-4 student visa. You can undertake the visa application process by submitting the requisite documents and paying the visa fee.

The visa application process should not be delayed after receipt of CAS. The validity of CAS is six months. Hence, the UK visa application should not be delayed for more than six months. Additionally, the application should be initiated at least three months before the course commencement date.

5.         Documents

The authorities would seek the necessary documents during the visa interview. Non-availability of discrepancy of any of the documents will lead to visa rejection. Reassure that you are carrying all the documents for the interview.

  • Proof of finance for funding the abroad education in UK

  • Health surcharge payment receipt

  • English language proficiency test result

  • Educational certificates

  • Additional academic or extracurricular documents, if any

  • Birth certificate (it must be translated to English, if not in English)

  • TB screening certificate is necessary for some countries

  • Passport in Original

  • Passport size photographs


What are the Prerequisites for a UK Student Visa?

Foreign students can obtain a visa for education in the top universities in UK if they score a minimum of 70 points. Scoring the said point would not be an issue if you are:

Provided with a CAS stating your acceptance for the course

Proficient in the English language and scored well in IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE

Having a strong financial status to fund the studies


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