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10 Aug 2022

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a peaceful and calm city at the intersection of Asia and Georgia. It offers students a high-quality education at an affordable fee structure. The universities in Georgia are globally recognized and there are many international students who are flocking to pursue their higher education in Georgia. MBBS is one of the most chosen courses in Georgia chosen by students all over the world. The medical education program in Georgia is conducted for a span of 5 years. 

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

There are many reasons why Georgia becomes the favorite destination for students; Read on to find more about the top reasons why students prefer to study MBBS in Georgia:

  • Recognition

Recognition is indeed a prime element when it comes to choosing the universities for higher studies. Courses like MBBS and other professional courses require acquiring certificates from recognized universities which is mandatory for you to practice the profession in hospitals after you complete your studies. The course of study offered by around 18 plus Georgian universities are affiliated with MCI and the WHO which makes it a premium center for abroad education in medical sciences.

  • Infrastructure facilities

One of the top reasons to study MBBS in Georgia is Infrastructure facilities. Medical science studies require support of quality infrastructure and relative amenities to render top-quality education for their students. Only with the aid of top-notch practical lab facilities can students perform well once they are out in the real world as medical professionals. Georgian universities are known to provide their medical students with top-tier infrastructure and advanced technology to enhance the learning facility. The universities in Georgia also provide the students who pursue their MBBS with hands-on real-world experience by introducing them to clinical clerkship from the start of the first semester itself. 

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  • Entrance Tests

Entrance tests and scores act as relevant hurdles even for academically brilliant students who seek to continue their higher education in medical studies. Entrance exams are typically hard and excruciating for students which put them under a lot of stress and strain. The universities of Georgia do not put their students through the hardships of attending entrance exams for admission into them. Therefore, admission processes to medical courses are relatively simpler than the other universities all over the world. The universities consider the marks of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of the students acquired in their 12th board exams. The criteria to get into an MBBS course in Georgian universities is a cut-off to obtain at least 50% marks in each of these subjects.

  • Affordable

In most countries, the course fee that they have to spend in order to study an MBBS course, which is an undergraduate study, is fairly high. For this reason, most of the students who have the caliber to be good professionals are unable to move forward with their study plans. Georgian universities put an end to that concern of the students. Universities in Georgia provide students with affordable educational services concerning MBBS. Georgia also gives their international students who wished to pursue MBBS in Georgia the benefit of 50% on travel. Such positive measures help students who are not financially sound to lower their day-to-day expenses. Georgian universities also provide their MBBS students with facilities to obtain low accommodation facilities as well.

  • Safety

Safety is a primary concern for every student who wishes to study abroad. As MBBS in Georgia is an undergraduate course, it might be the first time students will move away from their homes to pursue higher education. The Georgian government has introduced exceptional safety measures for their international students who choose to study MBBS in Georgia to feel at ease from the time they enter the country. It is one of the most highly developed countries in the world and therefore the legal system in Georgia is powerful. This has led to fewer crimes and makes it a place fit for living and for taking up an MBBS course in Georgia. Students can avail the services of public transport at any time. They also have separate accommodation facilities or hostel services for male and female students. Georgia is a place that is known for its unmatched standard and quality of living.

  • Permanent residency

Permanent residency is also among the top reasons for studying MBBS in Georgia. Every student who goes to study MBBS in Georgia gets accustomed to the life there and always looks forward to options where they could get a stay back. The Georgian government also puts forward a very structured and beneficial standard and quality which makes the international students stay back and look forward to setting up life back in Georgia. The Georgian government understands this requirement of its MBBS students and offers them a chance at a permanent residency in Georgia. The students who pursue MBBS in Georgia can go ahead and apply for permanent residency in the third year itself. The government also allows the students to move to Europe for their post-graduate studies as well.

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  • Medium of instruction

The MBBS course in Georgia has its study curriculum rendered in English which makes it more desirable for international students.

The benefits listed above make MBBS in Georgia the most chosen and acceptable course all around the world. As MBBS is a very premium course, it is always ideal for taking up that course in a palace where top-quality education services are available. If you wish to take up MBBS abroad, MBBS in Georgia is your option.

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