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27 Apr 2022

How to Get a Student Visa in Georgia


When you think of studying abroad, Georgia may not be the name that first comes to mind. However, Georgia is one of the underrated countries for studying abroad for international students for a wide variety of reasons such as: 


  • Temperate seasonal climate 

  • Immigration friendly environment

  • TOEFL and IELTS not required

  • Low tuition fees

  • High-quality education

  • A higher standard of living

  • Affordable cost of living

  • Availability of part-time jobs

  • World-class educational institutions

  • Easy to obtain Green Card and PR

How to Get a Student Visa in Georgia for International Students.

To study in Georgia, you would require a student visa, unless you are coming from one of the countries exempt from the visa requirements. Those who do not require a visa will be granted a permit to visit Georgia for tourism, work, study, or any other purpose for a period of 1 year.

If you are coming from a country other than those exempted from the visa requirements above or if you come from any of the above-mentioned countries but your course duration is more than 1 year, you would be required to apply for a student visa in Georgia. First and foremost, you need to submit an application form, duly filled, dated, and signed along with certain documents as enumerated in the section below.

Once you reach Georgia, you will be required to obtain a study permit as an acknowledgment of your study abroad by the host country. The cost for such a permit would roughly amount to 130 Dollars. For those who are not aware of How to get a student visa in Georgia or any other formalities, you can opt for an education consultancy. You can obtain a student permit with ease with the help of an experienced and professional study abroad consultant like Apachia Kuwait.

There are essentially 5 types of visas issued by Georgia to foreigners:

  • Category A (Georgia Diplomatic Visa)

  • Category B (Georgia Special Visa)

  • Category C (Ordinary Georgia Visa)

  • Category D (Georgia Immigration Visa)

  • Category T (Georgia Transit Visa)

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Georgia Student Visa Requirements

In order to know how to get a student visa in Georgia for studying at any of the universities in Georgia, you need to forward an application along with the following documents:

  • Passport original and 2 copies

  • Admission letter from any of the universities in Georgia

  • 4 passport size photographs

  • Educational certificates

  • Proof of accommodation in Georgia

  • Proof of flight reservation

  • Travel insurance

  • Payment receipts of tuition fees

  • Payment receipts of visa fees

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Application Process

There is nothing so confusing while thinking about how to get a student visa in Georgia. The process of applying for a student visa in Georgia is fairly straightforward. However, being a student from a foreign country who does not have connections or an idea of what the whole process is like, the application may seem like a daunting task. We at Apachia are here to help you simplify the application process for study abroad in Georgia.

  • Submit an online application through the E-Application System with the Embassy or Consulate.

  • Upload your photo in the size and dimensions as specified by the website (size: 5 mm length x 4 mm width, resolution: 300 DPI)

  • Gather the required documents as mentioned above. 

  • Pay the visa fee.

  • Submit the application form, documents, and proof of payment in person or via mail to a Georgian diplomatic mission, which you would need to select from the E-Application System. 

Once your visa application has been processed and approved, the Georgian Consulate or Embassy will affix the visa to your passport. You may either pick it up in person from the Consulate or Embassy or it would be mailed by post to you. With the availability of plenty of top-rated universities offering courses and programs in many different disciplines, studying in Georgia is a highly attractive option for international students.

Ensure you get the best deal in overseas education with an affordable and high-quality degree from the university of your choice in Georgia with the help of a reputed and trusted educational consultant. With years of experience and an unparalleled track record, Apachia Kuwait has managed to create a niche for itself for those who doest aware of How to get a student visa in Georgia to study abroad. If you wish to pursue your higher education abroad in the most affordable and cost-effective manner, choose Apachia Kuwait. Talk with our consultants today to know the best program and university for you in Georgia.

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