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10 Feb 2022

All You Need to Know to Study in Georgia

Guide to study in Georgia

Students these days are much into moving abroad for higher education. Georgia has become a favourite destination for students for its affordable tuition and lifestyle. Compared to other Western countries, Georgia comes with moderate tuition fees and quality of life. 

Georgia is not an expensive country and therefore quite apt for students. Georgia has some of the best universities and colleges in the world with experienced and trained faculty. With rolling landscapes and rich history, 

Georgia is one great place to spend years learning. If you are planning to move to Georgia for higher education here is everything you need to know. 


Know About the Educational Sector in Georgia

1. World-Class Education

As students of Georgian universities, you will get a world-class education that’s on par with ivy league campuses such as the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, University of Oxford etc. Georgian universities employ the best select staff with decades of experience and deep knowledge about the subject. Degrees earned from Georgian universities are valued all over the world and are recognized. If you want to graduate without the cloud of student debt looming over you, then this is the place for you. 

2. Learn without IELTS/ TOEFL

Pursue the course of your dreams without IELTS or TOEFL. For many students cracking these exams are much harder than actually joining the course. It is one hurdle they always find hard to cross. But with Georgian universities, you can learn the course of your dreams without IELTS and TOEFL. 

Now even if you don’t have English as your first language you can pursue the course you desire from any foreign university in Georgia. Here, you also get to choose the medium of instruction. It also helps students to save a big chunk of money and time which otherwise need to be spent on these exams. 

3. Less Tuition Fee Compared to UK and US Universities

When compared with universities in the UK and the US, the tuition fees are pretty less in Georgian Universities. It won’t give years of student debt and won’t make the whole process of learning an intimidating experience. Get a top-quality education for the cheapest of fees. 

All courses come with an affordable tuition fee which makes it easy for students. You can learn, relax and enjoy the experience rather than burning your midnight oil to pay the towering amount of debt and bills. 

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The Cost of Living and Quality of Life

The cost of living is comparatively less in comparison to other Western countries such as the UK and the US. Georgia is a small country but has all the facilities intact for its residents. There are numerous restaurants and lodging facilities near the universities so that the students can save a lot of money on transportation. 

It is far easier to find accommodation that is affordable and good. The restaurants are cheap and at the same time cater good quality food. All primary needs of students would be met in Georgia without having to spend a fortune unlike in the US and UK where food alone demands a good share of their money. 

It is also easier for students to find part-time jobs in Georgia. It will help students lead a financially independent life and lessen the burden of bills. 


Requirements to Study in Georgia

There are certain criteria and eligibility requirements to be met if a student wishes to go to Georgia to pursue a degree. Read below to understand a few of them before you apply to Georgian universities. 

  • Student must have completed 17 years of age

  • Students should carry a high school completion certificate that should include subjects related to the chosen course. If you are planning to pursue engineering, you must have good scores in maths and physics. 

  • Good proficiency in English. The candidate must have atleast B2 level of proficiency in English

  • Not all universities in Georgia ask for IELTS or TOEFL. But wherever necessary students must be able to produce required proofs

  • Universities conduct a simple English writing test to assess the language proficiency of the students. It is relatively easy to pass. In case, the student fails to do so, the university also provides a four month preparatory course so that the student can attempt the exam again with more preparation and knowledge.

  • Before obtaining admission to the university, students need to go through a preparatory Skype interview. The performance in the interview is a pivotal factor in qualifying for the next rounds and gaining admission

  • Students must have a copy of their passport and high school diploma translated into Georgian language and certified by a notary. 

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