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28 Jun 2024

How to Prepare for IELTS - Section-wise Study Guide

How to Prepare for IELTS

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is by the British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. For non-native English-speaking people, to work and study abroad in English-speaking countries, they need to be subjected to an English language proficiency test. Whether it is for work or higher studies, anyone who is immigrating to foreign countries does need to crack this important examination. Before taking any immigrant in, almost all the major foreign countries and the respective universities will ask for IELTS scores. It is necessary to take the IELTS academic version exam and obtain a minimum score for anyone who is considering joining an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Australia, the UK, Canada, the USA, or any other English-speaking nation.

To secure admission to the dream university, know the respective score as it varies not only from country to country but the landing score also varies from university to university. Anyone will certainly be able to manoeuvre through the process easily and get admitted to any good university if their IELTS score is a minimum of 6.5 or above.

The tips and test-takers crack the individual scores of Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening which are the four sections to cover in the IELTS test. The individual scores of these four different sections are added up to arrive at the total score and they become easy to score if you get ahead with preparation tips to strategies to follow on the day of the exam. To attain a higher overall score you need to achieve a higher sectional band score. Covering all the specifics of the exam from test patterns to important topics, it is advised that every section be focussed equally and sincerely. A section-wise IELTS preparation study helps to achieve a maximum grade as well.

IELTS Preparation

Speaking, listening, writing and reading are the four sections comprising the IELTS TEST 2024. Going forward in the blog, learn the IELTS exam preparation tips for every four sections.

It is important to know in detail the preparation tactics for each section when you are getting ready to ace the IELTS examination. The test format is unique in the segregated sections namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To get ready to appear for the exam, develop a high level of understanding with honed reading and comprehension skills together with practice writing, and ace grammar. Appear for mock tests and practice tests corresponding to all four sections and at the same time, you listen to passages and stories as well. Once you have gained expertise, during the exam and, above everything else, for additional support, polish your speaking skills with the help of a good IELTS preparation course.


Prepare for reading exams that are of three passages and a duration of 60 minutes. The tips and tricks include: 

  • Skim and Scan: Increase the chances of clearing the exam in one take with skim and scan. Save time by skimming through them quickly and answer more efficiently by scanning for specific hidden information.
  • Learn Vocabulary: Make it a daily practice to learn new vocabulary words that will help you understand the passage. Make more familiarity by practising them in sentences to answer the questions more accurately.
  • Practice Time Management: Manage your time effectively in such a way as to have time for final cross-checkings. Divide the allocated time evenly for each question.


This section is also of 60 min duration and consists of two questions. The topics are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and always will be of general interest, either to elaborate or to provide an opposite view.

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The two sections cover the description of the diagram and the expression of a point of view. Practice with a count of 250 words for the former and more than 150 for the latter with a conclusion. Proofread before submitting and make sure to avoid repeating words and phrases, as well the lengthy sentences, without any passive and active voices.


Preparing for the IELTS Listening section can enhance your performance significantly and achieve high scores. Before starting the test, familiarise yourself with the test format. Honing your listening skills can help you revive with the utilised allotted time. Take notes on the question paper and listen carefully with various English accents for test adaptability. Practise active listening with confidence navigation to once in exam-like settings and enhance focus during the test.


The speaking section of the IELTS exam includes general conversation, speaking on a given topic, and discussion respectively. Prepare for the speaking section that lasts for 11-14 minutes.

  • Practice Speaking: Become more confident and fluent in your speech by seeking practice in the best way.
  • Learn Vocabulary: Learn new vocabulary words and express your ideas more firmly while talking about various topics.
  • Use Good Pronunciation and Intonation: During the test, make your speech more engaging and impressive with good pronunciation and intonation.