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01 Oct 2021

7 Best Places in the World to Study Abroad

Top Study Abroad Locations

Many dreams of education in acclaimed institutes and universities abroad. Favorable educational infrastructure, advanced teaching methods, and extensive career opportunities contribute to this. Selecting the right study abroad destination may be a challenging task for those students (and their parents), who don’t have much idea about the global education scenario.

We have listed the 7 best places in the world for overseas education. Pursuing higher education in these most opted destinations can lead you to great achievements. The countries mentioned here attained this image by offering exceptional care, education, and career prospects to their students.


Factors We Considered for Ranking the Top Study Abroad Destinations

We prepared the list of the most preferable countries for overseas education after evaluating a number of points. The main features we took into consideration are:

  • Quality of education and comprehensiveness of curriculum offered by the renowned universities and institutes

  • Career probability post completion of course in the country

  • How the countries instill optimistic and constructive personal traits in the students

  • How culturally wealthy the country is?

  • Social atmosphere existing in the country

  • Acceptance of foreign students by the locals

  • Safety of international students


Top 7 Study Abroad Destinations in the World

Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad is the first step towards prosperity. This is not an exaggeration at all! We are saying it from the experience of the students, who have undergone higher education abroad. Picking the course that suits you and enrolling in a top-notch institution are the two points that are crucial in this regard.

1.     Canada

Canada welcomes international students with open hands. The simplified visa process and the possibility of migrating to the country elevates the position of Canada to the top level. The country is known for its peaceful community and safe environment. 

Several of its universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. The main provinces that offer quality education in Canada include Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario.  Recognized by elite international firms, the qualifications from Canadian universities would help you get jobs anywhere you want. You can also plan to work and study in Canada at the same time aslo.

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2.    USA

Famed for the excellent infrastructure, lifestyle, environment, and quality of education, the US is one of the favorite destinations for international students. You will be studying with students from different countries when you opt for education in the USA. The diverse environment itself would present you with a new world of education. It would instill a broadened perspective and fortify you to go ahead and achieve great attainments in life.  

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3.    UK

The United Kingdom has several universities with international appeal. The country provides an opportunity to select the university or course depending on the student’s budget availability and other choices. A wide range of educational institutions offering different courses is another positive aspect of the UK. 

Reputed universities have tie-ups with the industrial and commercial sector, which helps the students to find a job after the course, without much struggle. A promising career is almost certain with the education from the UK.

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4.    Australia

A society of positive people; that is Australia for you. Committed to extending the best coaching and education, the institutions in Australia attract hordes of students from around the world. Imparting theoretical and practical skills in the students, the Australian universities ensure that the graduates and postgraduates will be capable professionals in their respective fields.

5.    France

France has been a popular tourist destination for its abundant culture and art. It has a strong identity among the study abroad destinations as well. The multi-cultural society would make the foreign student comfortable. It would never make him or her feel that it is a foreign land. Besides all these, the qualifications you earn in France will bestow you with great career options.  

6.    New Zealand

The authorities in New Zealand have specifically formulated policies and regulations to make the international students comfortable in the country. Moreover, the universities in the country have a well-defined infrastructure, meticulously prepared curriculum, and proven coaching methods. All these factors have been ensuring that the qualifications from New Zealand are recognized at every corner of the world. Obtaining graduation and other certifications from the country can help you get your desired job.

7.     Germany

The clean, safe, secure and culturally diverse community is the strength of this country. Germany has been attracting students from every part of the world for years. The global leader in automobile, industrial, and technological sectors, Germany maintains the same quality in education also. A systematically formulated teaching process is the mainstay of the German education system.

These are the top 7 places in the world to study abroad. Obtaining admissions to elite educational institutions in the countries may be a tricky process. Especially, if you don’t have much idea about it.


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