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19 Oct 2022

Which Countries Accept IELTS? All You Want to Know About IELTS

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Everything You Need To Know About IELTS Examination


What is IELTS Examination

International English Language Testing System or IELTS examination is a very popular English language test. The score of this examination is widely accepted. If you are thinking of studying outside your country, where the education is imparted in English language, then you must score well in IELTS. One misconception that students have is that they can apply IELTS score in any institute that they apply for abroad. However, these scores are generally asked for when you apply in a foreign institute. If for example, you want to study in an institute in Kuwait. Then you have to go through their prospectus and online admission form, whether they are asking for an IELTS score. If yes, then you have to appear for IELTS and you can rest assured that all the courses that are offered in this institute will be imparted in the English language.


Which Countries Accept IELTS?

Here is a very pertinent question as to which countries accept scores in IELTS for getting admission in their universities. The United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom(UK), Australia and New Zealand are the major countries that accept a valid IELTS score for admission in their universities. So if you wish to give IELTS examination, first of all, select the university in any of the above countries where the courses are taught in English. You should start preparing for IELTS, even before the results of your qualifying examinations come out. This will give you added advantage when you seek admission in those universities. Generally, an overall 5-6 IELTS score suffices for admission in most of the universities in those countries.


IELTS Examination Pattern

This examination is conducted in four parts. One of the renowned institutes that conduct this examination is the British Council. The examination consists of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections. Generally the first three, that is, Listening, Reading, and Writing are conducted on one day and the speaking test is conducted on the next day or the day following the next. Under the listening section, you will be provided with individual headphones and you will hear some audio on the headphone. You will be provided with a question booklet, where the questions will be given based on the audio you here on the headphone. The audio plays only once. All the questions asked in the question booklet has answers in the audio, that you will have to identify while listening and mark on the answer leaflet given to you. Therefore, you will have to hear the audio very carefully. After the listening test is over the reading test starts. In this test, you will be given a question booklet, where few passages are given and few questions are given based on the passages. You will have to find the answers from the passages and write them on the answer leaflet provided to you. After the reading test is over, the writing test starts. Here you will get two questions which you will have to answer in the answer leaflets provided to you. You will have to write answers to a few questions or an essay to a problem statement given to you. For appearing in the speaking test, you will have to come another day. On that day, you will have to answer the questions asked to you by the examiner and showcase your English speaking skills.


How to Score Well in IELTS?

To score well in IELTS examination, you must practice each and every section rigorously and get acquainted with the examination pattern. But practicing on your own will not get you to your desired score. You require professional help and constant feedback for your practice. There is no better way to do so than approach Apachia Institute for Private Training for this. The teachers here have a lot of experience and the students passing out from this institute have successfully cleared IELTS, which speaks for its success itself.


IELTS Training in Kuwait

Apachia Institute for Private Training offers all the professional training that you need for IELTS. The teachers here give you personalized training so that you get the optimum care and attention. The batches for the IELTS are created in the optimum ratio so that you can clarify all your doubts in the sessions. You will also have to practice at home, using the varied and detailed study materials provided by Apachia Institute for Private Training at home. You can jot down the doubts that you have at home and bring it forward in your next day session. The teachers teaching here have experience for more than a decade and therefore, they can clear all your doubts and reduce your faults while practicing. You will be able to practice in an examination environment in this institute. Therefore, with the scores that you obtain here, you will be able to assess the level of your performance in the actual examination.


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