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27 Oct 2020

8 Things to Consider While Choosing a Preschool for your kid

Choose a preschool for your kid

This is the first step towards growth for your child and you must be careful to choose the best option for them. There are many preschools in Kuwait that provide quality service for the betterment of your child. But before deciding to send your kid to a preschool there are certain things you should consider.   

To get your child into the best preschool in your area below are the 8 things that you should give a thought to :  

  • Be sure that your child is ready: Before sending your child to a preschool you should be certain that he/she is comfortable with your absence. Watch them closely and see if they can handle some of their things independently. Confirm your decision after sorting them out with your friends and family. They could best tell if your child is ready to socialize with others and adjust to unfamiliar surroundings.  

  • Location matters: It would be best if you choose a preschool that is not so far from your home. You don't want your child to get exhausted as she reaches the school. This might affect the child's interest to go to preschool. They would slowly start hesitating to go to a place that makes them feel tired. It's a time when your child is about to go through a significant change, so you should make sure that they feel comfortable with the whole process.  

  • The campus and surroundings: The atmosphere of the preschool plays a very important role in the internal development of the child. The surroundings should be child centric and focused to give a warm and welcoming feeling to children. When you visit the preschool take a tour around the campus to make sure that your child will find the place fun. Having a pleasant environment is necessary for your child to learn new things and adapt to the system. The whole campus should be safe and secure for the free moment of your child.  

  • Get to know the teachers: When you leave your kid in the preschool, you basically ensure them in the hands of the teachers. It is important to know if the teachers are capable of handling your child properly. It will be their guidance that would leave the first impression of knowledge in their minds. So make sure that the teachers are dedicated and loving, and would give the care and attention that your child needs.  

  • The teaching methods: To be aware of the teaching methodology of the preschool will help you decide which school is best for your child. You should go through the curriculum of the school to select the one that best suits your kid. There are certain skills that a child should develop before getting into the mainstream academic, for their better performance in the future. These skills are refined through the activities held in the preschool. Getting detailed information about the overall activities of the school, and the method of teaching from the coordinator is advisable before you consider a preschool. 

  • Interactions: The communication between the teachers and the parents is important to keep a track of your child's progress. Ask the school if they would provide regular updates about the activities done in the school and how the child is reacting to it. Take the assurance from teachers that they would discuss the mental and intellectual growth of your child and would give honest feedback about their performance.  

  • Connecting with others: Before you actually admit your child to a preschool make sure they have a good bonding with the teachers and other children in the school. If they don't get connected with the people around them it would be a difficult time for your child. This is the first place where your child would start making friends; make sure that they get good connections. Having a comfortable relationship with the teacher is also significant as it would affect the child's learning process.  

  • The quality of education: Make certain that the school provides quality education to your child. Look if the school is relying on technology to teach them, or they encourage learning from interactions and experiences. Make sure if they are given plenty of hands-on equipment for various activities. They should be able to touch, play around, and create or experiment with everything available to them at the school. For this, the playthings and other materials provided by the school should be child friendly that will help them to develop their skills.  

Providing the best education for their children is the dream of every parent. Preschool is the initial step towards that long journey. Here your child will become capable of getting into a real system of learning and make way for an enhanced future. Keeping these little things in mind you can choose the perfect preschool for your child and help them in their journey. 
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