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15 Jul 2022

How Do Overseas Education Consultants Help International Students?


An overseas education consultant helps international students navigate the complexities of studying abroad. They help you choose the right program, plan your studies and get financial aid. They also assist with visa and immigration requirements, roommate matchmaking, and after-study support services such as homestay programs and internship opportunities. These consultants can also help connect you with local community organizations that support international students. While an overseas education consultant may help you with any aspect of your study abroad experience, they are beneficial for students who don't speak English well or have experience living in a country where English isn't spoken frequently. Below we explain the benefits of consulting a study abroad consultant.

Benefits of Consulting Overseas Education Experts

1) Provides Career Counselling

Many students get nervous about what to study abroad and when to start their studies. Consulting a study abroad consultant can help with this. Many study abroad programs require you to spend a year abroad in another country to complete your degree. Consult a study abroad consultant to help you plan which country and the program would work best for your career goals. They can help you understand how to structure your degree so you can transfer credits back to your home country or earn a proper credential. They can also provide career counseling and guidance during the application process to ensure you have your ducks in a row before submitting your application to study abroad programs.

2) Helps You to Choose the Best Universities for Your Study

Some international students feel overwhelmed by the information available about universities and study abroad programs. Consulting a study abroad consultant can help you choose the best university for your program, budget, and study abroad experience. They can help you understand the differences between an international college and a university in your host country.

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3) Finance Estimation for Abroad Studies

Consulting overseas education consultants help international students to estimate how much money they will need for their studies and how much money they need in their bank account during visa approval. They can help you understand the cost of living in your host country, the cost of textbooks, housing, food, and transportation, and how these expenses will impact your financial aid award. They can also help you understand how to structure your finances to have enough money for your studies.

4) Fulfilling the Eligibility Criteria

Many study abroad programs require you to have specific grades or standardized test scores. International universities usually require English fluency. Multiple examinations that aren't needed by the university you want to attend are a waste of money. Consulting a study abroad consultant can help you meet the eligibility criteria and understand the application process. They are familiar with language competence examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., and they help candidates prepare for the exam that meets university admission requirements.

5) Connect You to the Proper Channels for Your Visa

Consulting a study abroad consultant can help you navigate the visa application process. They can explain the difference between a student visa and a work visa and connect you with the proper channels for applying for your visa. Counselors provide correct information and orderly visa application steps. Trust them as they will be by your side to apply for your visas at the proper time, following all the essential requirements.

6) Work As Your Mentor Throughout Your Study Period Abroad

Many study abroad programs require you to attend mandatory student orientation. Consulting a study abroad consultant can help you build relationships with the study abroad staff at your host university, understand the culture and expectations of living in a foreign country, and receive mentorship throughout your study abroad period. They can also help you connect with alumni groups and community organizations that can support you after you return home.

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Why Choose Apachia Abroad Education Consultant?

Apachia abroad education consultant specializes in facilitating the process of studying abroad and provides expert assistance to students throughout the country. The organization aspires to simplify the complex expedition of those who wish to study overseas by delivering counseling services and aiding them with the building of the perfect applications.

Apachia overseas education consultants help international students put in the time and effort necessary to design a comprehensive educational strategy for you in the location of your choice. Students can rest assured that their advisors are well-informed about any revisions to visa policies or regulations embassies may have instituted.

Since its inception in 2000 in Kuwait, Apachia abroad education consultants have been representing over 700 universities across 29 countries, including many top academic destinations for international students such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

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