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11 Mar 2020

All you want to know about Cambridge IGCSE

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Have you ever wanted to enrol your child in a school that develops him/her into a well-rounded personality?

Do you want your child to have that edge in academics?

Do you dream that your child will be a socially responsible individual with a global outlook one day?

Then the best bet is to enrol your ward in a Cambridge IGCSE school.

Read on to know everything that you have always wanted to know about Cambridge IGCSE schools including the speciality of Cambridge IGCSE schools, their curriculum and why you should choose this over other boards of education.

What is IGCSE

IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an examination that is English-language-based, similar to GCSE, and is recognized in the UK as its equivalent.

Developed over 30 years ago by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the IGCSE course is now offered in over 120 countries (USA, UK, India, Singapore, etc., among others) and is recognized by a majority of the universities and colleges worldwide.

The IGCSE examination is considered as the Grade 10 equivalent in other boards of education.

Cambridge IGCSE

As a part of raising educational standards all over the world, the University of Cambridge allows non-university students to appear for their exams.

Cambridge International, through this program, now allows over 8 million students from different parts of the world spread over 160 different countries to sit for these exams.

Recently, this programme has been renamed as Cambridge Pathway which is designed as a ‘pathway’ for students of different ages (between ages 5 and 19) to complete their academic studies in a time-bound manner.

The different slots are:

  • Cambridge Primary (ages 5 – 11)

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary (ages 11 – 14)

  • Cambridge Upper Secondary (ages 14 – 16)

  • Cambridge Advanced (ages 16 – 19)


Cambridge IGCSE curriculum – Specialty


The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, like any other, offers traditional subjects such as English, Maths, and Science.

In addition to these conventional subjects, Cambridge IGCSE also offers other courses of study in a range of subjects such as different languages, new branches of science, humanities, professional subjects, and the in-depth study of the English language.

The two areas of professional studies that the IGCSE course focus on are Global Perspectives and Information and Communication Technology. Real-world applications are dealt with in these subjects.

The course is designed in such a way that the students develop a habit of being curious about the happenings around them. The other professional courses offer a wide range of other subjects for the students to choose from and include drama, design and technology, physical education, child development, etc.

These courses are designed to enhance the student’s presentation skills. They also go through structured group discussions that teach them to voice their opinions and acknowledge points of view that are different from theirs’.


Why Choose Cambridge IGCSE


There are a few reasons why more parents opt to put their wards through institutions that offer the Cambridge IGCSE certification.

They are listed below:

  • The course is designed to provide a global perspective to the student

  • Alongside, the course also encourages holistic all-round development of the student’s personality

  • The syllabus is designed carefully to instil a sense of curiosity and inspire the love of learning

  • For students who want to pursue other Cambridge programmes, this is the best stepping stone

  • The Cambridge system is designed in a manner to provide adequate flexibility for the student to move to any other board of education whenever they desire

  • The best part about Cambridge IGCSE is that the syllabus is similar across all schools offering the certification while simultaneously making sure that it is tailored to meet local needs

  • The students can choose a combination of subjects they like from over 70 numbers

  • Leading universities and the best employers around the world recognize the IGCSE certificate as proof of the high-quality academic ability of the student.


Outstanding Features of the IGCSE Curriculum


The curriculum for the Cambridge IGCSE is designed so that it is flexible enough without sacrificing its global outlook and standards. This makes the student job-ready in the international arena.

The syllabus is designed to engage the mind, encourage hands-on learning, and develop a thirst for learning. It is designed to bring out the adventure of the human spirit.

The areas of study of all subjects give equal importance to theory and practical learning. The other major feature is that the syllabus provides a global perspective to the student enabling them to work in an international setting.

The approach to the study of the subjects is interdisciplinary and how they are woven together, and problem-solving is encouraged from lower classes. The students learn the importance of collaboration, crises management and critical thinking.


Other Features – Cambridge IGCSE


The Cambridge IGCSE system follows strict guidelines as far as exams, assessment, and grading are concerned.

The formats are laid out according to standards and the Code of Practice, and the students are assessed on factors such as performance and level of difficulty of the set paper.

Whereas some of the papers are graded with the hand, others are graded digitally. All the grades are checked, matched for consistency and corrected if required before publishing the results.

Assessment methods include written, oral, practical, and coursework procedures. The IGCSE course is the best foundation course for others such as AS and A-Levels, Cambridge PU or other international courses.

The Cambridge IGCSE is a transformative and a unique course for every student aimed at becoming a responsible international citizen.

Hope this article would have given you a peep into the system of study offered by Cambridge IGCSE and you are now one step closer to choosing the best course for your ward.

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