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23 Oct 2019

All you want to know about Edexcel International GCSE

Edexcel International GCSE

What is GCSE?

GCSE or General Certificates of Secondary Education are the main qualifications taken by students at school leaving age in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Edexcel GCSE And Edexcel International GCSE

Edexcel began as an awarding organization following the convergence of London Examinations and BTEC in 1996. Both Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel International GCSE are designed at the same level to cater to the need of quality education enriched with vocational training. There is no specific age bar, it learnt by people from all walks of life. The only difference is that IGCSE or International GCSE is meant for people who hail from a non-UK context. In a way, it is similar to CBSE and ICSE. Schools that are affiliated to Edexcel for initiating the IGCSE program are known as Edexcel centres. This article deals with all you want to know about Edexcel International GCSE.

Know Edexcel International GCSE or IGCSE

It is very important to know the difference between Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel International GCSE. Programs like GCSE and IGCSE were shown green light since it helped to prepare students to attain a quality education, which helps them to go ahead in life without restricting themselves into the shackles of theoretical course work. The Edexcel GCSE is only available for the UK schools, whereas Edexcel International GCSE is an international version of Edexcel GCSE. Edexcel International GSCE is a certification jointly owned by Edexcel Limited and Pearson PLC. Their International GCSE program is available in over 80 countries in the world with over thirty-nine available subjects. In India, IGCSE is adopted in over 130 schools. They are internationally recognized qualifications.

Ensures Content Quality

With appropriate quality content and assessment program, Edexcel International GCSE aims at the successful progress of the students. Moreover, they are accepted in Universities globally. The highlight of the program is that the curriculum is designed by considering the experts' opinions. The content developers include university professors and expert teachers to enable the successful growth of each student. The contents of the Edexcel International GCSE are set up in such a way that the local context of International students are raised globally to give the student a global platform and to ensure that the contents are even more relevant according to the cultural differences. There are five subject groups in IGCSE

Group 1: Language (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language)

Group 2: Humanities and Social Sciences

Group 3: Science

Group 4: Mathematics

Group 5: Creative, Technical and Vocational.

No Age Bar

The program is mainly categorized for students between the ages group 14-16, but opportunities are also given to those who are craving to complete their studies without bothering their age.

Quality Education And Assessment 

The learner will be able to polish his/her insight and skills within the allotted two-year duration of the course. Edexcel International GCSE is a formation ground to the learners. It helps you to pursue your long-cherished dream of higher education or else it could help you to acquire employment or apprenticeship. The qualifications are based on individual subjects of study, more than 30 different subjects are available in the International Edexcel GCSE program. The International GCSE has the same ranking of GCSE, which is only available for students of the UK. The availability of the best resources and online training makes the program more efficient at the practical level also. Considering the professional demand, online training event is also supported through the program. In International GCSE, you can opt for a wide range of subjects like Maths, English, Art and design etc. Moreover, English language training in IGCSE opens a gateway for emigrating or studying in another country. Exams are conducted through two main boards- Cambridge International Examinations and Personal Edexcel. Generally, A-G recognized grades are used to mark the ability of a student. 

Advantages of International GCSE

The students enrolled in the Edexcel International GCSE certificate program gradually develop the employment skills needed to face international competitions. It is a two-year program starting at the class 9 level. The test or examination is not restricted to traditional pen and paper test, they include oral and listening tests. IGCSE is more student-friendly, it has got a core curriculum and extended curriculum, which gives the student the right to choose a subject that is of their interest, and it helps to attain good scores. The core curriculum gives an overview of the course subject, whereas the extended curriculum demands specialization in a particular area. IGCSE focuses on the application of knowledge and understanding instead of focusing on rote learning. A student who studied other syllabi can join IGCSE.

International GCSE is a well-bred curriculum that helps to encapsulate the overall development of the student by giving them the right practical or application-level knowledge that ensures their success in the future. 

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