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19 Oct 2022

5 tips to Improve your writing skills in IELTS

IELTS training in Kuwait

IELTS is the Standard English language exam that is mandatory for the people seeking admissions in the universities or colleges abroad and comes from the countries that don’t have English as their native language. IELTS will test your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and the test is accepted in almost all the countries. IELTS score matters a lot; hence, it is essential to prepare for the test under expert guidance. You will be basically answering the questions from all the major areas of English. Given below are some tips to improve your writing skills for IELTS. Read them carefully and incorporate them into your IELTS training process to improve your writing skills.

The writing skills are important as the exam will have a section dedicated to the same. You will be required to write an essay and other such answers that are descriptive in nature. And, apart from being error-free, the writing should be engaging and comprehensive that conveys meaning in a straightforward manner. Hence, it is extremely essential to work on writing skills and improve them for a good exam score.

5 tips to Improve your writing skills in IELTS:

1 – Learn Grammar:

It is extremely important to have an impeccable grasp over the grammar and grammatical concepts. If you don’t know the various grammatical rules of sentence constructions and verb forms, then you will not be able to form an accurate and coherent written entity. Hence, it is essential to learn and understand the English Grammar rules and follow them to create meaningful text. Learning grammar is easily said than done. Every person has a weak area. Some might not know the correct rules of sentence formation and some might face troubles in forming a coherent writing. Some might not be able to put their thoughts into words owing to the lack of vocabulary and many might not know the various ways to represent similar information.

Hence, studying under some expert that can identify your weak areas and draft assignments and training plans around them is a must.

2 – Proofreading:

The biggest problem that many people face as far as writing skills are concerned is the proofreading. They form a very unique content, but they tend to forget or simply overlook the proofreading. They think that their text will be devoid of errors and other issues. However, for an exam like IELTS that wholly focuses on the English Language, even a small error can cause a huge dip in the rank. Hence, make sure that you proofread your text after writing. And, you should also proofread the text as if you are reading it for the first time. This way you can avoid overlooking the errors.

3 – Follow Famous Writers:

Every age has some specific and prolific writers that contribute to the different forms of literature with their writings. Not everybody has a taste for reading novels and editorials. But, the ones that love reading can actually tell you how this habit improves their thinking, vocabulary and writing as well. When you follow the famous writers, you get to know about the various words and phrases that are popular in contemporary culture and literature. Reading a well-formed and comprehensive text will certainly improve your writing skills. You get to learn the different ways you can use the available information as per your situation. You also learn and acquire the writing style which is refined and enriching.

4 – Write every day:

It is of the utmost importance to write on a daily basis. Not only the speed and thought process is boosted, but you will also be able to develop an affinity for it. You will be able to put the newly learnt words and phrases into use. From facts to stats – everything is improved. You get educated in the best manner possible. When you write on a daily basis, you get to hone your skills. Nothing can replace the effects of daily practice and improvement. Hence, write a piece of text daily. You can also opt for the mock online tests and previous years’ papers for making your writing exam-specific.

5 – Read a lot:

If there is one thing that can tremendously improve the way you think and the way you communicate via any medium, then it is reading. There is a saying that you are what you read and any avid reader can tell you that it is every bit true. In fact, you will feel yourself that the kind of books you read and the level of language you read will start reflecting in your daily life. This is the major reason behind the difference in the writing skills of different people. When you read good quality books, you get to ‘know’ things. You learn and you grow.

Where to go for IELTS Training?

Having covered the best tips to improve your writing skills, let us move towards making the choice. A good institute will not only focus on the basics, but it will also make sure to ensure success! With a team of professionals that have generated thousands of success stories, Apachia Institute is a workshop that ‘creates’ talent that drives success. With an experience of more than 16 years, Apachia has become a pioneer institute for IELTS training and many other courses.