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27 Oct 2020

Top Reasons Why Students Choose Homeschooling Over Traditional Schooling in Kuwait

Homeschooling Over Traditional schooling style

Homeschooling is relatively a new concept. Changing times bring changes to concepts in technology, education, and lifestyles. The same is the case with schooling too. Homeschooling is relatively a new concept, which is quickly gathering popularity due to the positive features it offers.

Not many institutions provide homeschooling. Only an educational institution that has a thorough plan and adequate infrastructure can deliver quality education to students. We are one of the top educational institutions providing homeschooling in Kuwait that has renowned, experienced, faculty members.

We have commenced homeschooling after detailed research about the field only. Apachia is one of the institutes that follows the British council’s program in Kuwait. This progressive methodology of education will elevate your child’s knowledge level, capabilities, and analytical thinking. The curriculum for homeschooling is prepared in such a way that the students outperform those who undergo traditional schooling.

Knowing about homeschooling and advantages of the same will be helpful for you to decide about homeschooling for your kid.

Safe Environment

Avoiding public places and conveyance facilities are advisable in the present scenario. Homeschooling doesn’t require the child to travel for the purpose of classes. He/ she can attend the class sitting in the safety of the home. It will be healthy as well as convenient for the students to perform.

Proper Monitoring

The teacher-student ratio in homeschooling is less compared to traditional schooling. Therefore, the teachers will be able to monitor the student properly. This will help them in identifying the flaws and strengths of each student. Thereby, planning the pattern and way of instruction accordingly. The syllabus could be custom-tailored based on the performance of the student. Focussing on the areas, where the student lag, can help him/ her understand the topic thoroughly.

Productive Environment

As the student will be attending the class from home, there will be fewer distractions. It will be more productive than sitting in a classroom along with other students. Moreover, the parents can observe the student more effectively than when s/he at the school. This will be instrumental in creating a conducive environment, in turn, resulting in outstanding results.

More Time

The student doesn’t have to travel to and from the educational institution. The time thus saved can be utilized for preparation and revisions. Further, they will not be tired even after classes, ensuring more energy for study. With the availability of more time, the student can earmark adequate time for each subject. Tough subjects will turn easy with repeated revisions and focussed study.

Strong Teacher-Student Relationship

Each teacher will be interacting with the student continuously. These close interactions will generate a strong teacher-student relationship.  Consequently, it will be easy for the student to follow the subjects and imbibe the essence of the topics. The student will understand the subject in-depth, which will help them to score better grades during the exams.

Time for Extracurricular Activities

The extra time could be used for extracurricular activities. The parents can guide their kids depending on their tastes and inborn talents. It can be beneficial for both enhancing the thought process and overall improvement of their perceptions. The student could be nurtured to become successful in life both academically and artistically.  


Apachia Institute for Homeschooling in Kuwait

Apachia institute is the leading educational institution for homeschooling on Cambridge & Edexcel IGCSE, O level, AS, and A level in Kuwait. The experienced teachers along with exceptional infrastructure facilities make the teaching more effective and result-oriented.

The unique aspects that distinguish Apachia from other institutes are:

-          Advanced classrooms with modern facilities

-          Expert handpicked teachers

-          A comprehensive curriculum prepared after in-depth analysis and research

-          Provision of exclusively prepared study material

-          Extensive revision of previous exams to prepare students for the final exam

-          Frequent interactive sessions to ascertain the knowledge level of students

-          Feedback to ensure improvement

-          Lecture presentations and video clips

Our selected professional teachers have several years of experience in homeschooling. They have a detailed understanding of the aspect that helps them to extend the best possible education. By following tested pedagogical methods, the teachers nourish the children to perform their best.

We assure better schooling to the students by offering personalized tuition timing, regular performance assessment, and an integrated all-encompassing syllabus.

To discuss the all-around features of homeschooling and how beneficial it will be for your kid, you may contact Apachia today. We will brief you about this relatively new, but quickly growing, methodology of education. You may enroll your child at Apachia, for homeschooling in Kuwait, subsequently.