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01 Aug 2019

Top 10 Benefits of Pursuing an MBA from Annamalai University

mba from annamalai university

Annamalai University is one of the best private universities for pursuing an MBA program in India. The University was established in the 1920s and has more than 49 departments imparting quality education to students today. The University has been accredited with ‘A’ grade by NAAC and has more than 500 courses being offered for distance learning programs. Annamalai University has the largest number of enrollments for its distance learning courses in India. 

Annamalai University takes pride in providing quality education and has produced successful professionals in different fields. The University has also been considered the best University for distance education MBA and several students enroll in the distance MBA program each year.

Eligibility for MBA from Annamalai University


To be eligible to join an MBA from Annamalai University, or the distance MBA program of Annamalai University, the students need to have a graduate degree in the 10+2+3 pattern from any recognized University. The (10+2+2) pattern degree is not acceptable. Age is no bar to join MBA from Annamalai University and people of any age with the required degree are free to apply and enhance their career. The Annamalai University Distance Education is open for students as well as people who are employed. Since there is no age limit for the application, several students have been able to fulfill their dreams of pursuing an MBA because of Annamalai University. 

Here are the top 10 benefits of pursuing an MBA from Annamalai University:


1.     Various MBA Specializations

The department of business administration in Annamalai University offers programs such as MBA (business analytics), MBA (dual specialization), MBA (HRM), MBA(Marketing), MBA (infrastructure management) among several others. Having the option to specialize in so many fields for your MBA degree is bound to attract you towards Annamalai University. The diversity in specializations is also accompanied by various MOUs signed by the University, with institutions like the University of Sri Lanka and NLCIL. Distance MBA from Annamalai University is also a great option for you if you are unable to dedicate all your time to studies.  

2.    Industry Exposure: 

 Industry exposure is one of the major requirements for a management student. Observing business practices in the industry firsthand expands the minds of the students. The students of Annamalai University are given industry exposure through various visits to the respective industries. The University has also recently started an international industry visit program so that the students of the University get to see the prevalent business practices in other countries.   

3.    Guest Lectures and other Academic Opportunities

The students pursuing MBA from Annamalai University are exposed to frequent guest lectures by the most successful people in the industry. Students also get organizational training and leadership enhancement opportunities through various fests on the campus. Students also get a chance to polish their managerial skills through management programs and training methods that are based on role-play techniques. The guest lectures and several academic opportunities clear the way for all-round development of the management candidate.

4.    Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

There are several co-curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance the skills of the management candidate. Several outbound activities, trekking, various problem-solving challenges are given to the students of the University. Students are also sent on a 10-day field visit to several small or medium enterprises for exposure. To facilitate a competitive environment when it comes to project work and managerial skills, the University conducts different competitions. Several incentives are also given to the students so they can stay motivated. 

5.    Placements and Training

The management department of Annamalai University has had a good placement record in recent years. More than 100 students got placed in various companies in the academic year 2018-2019. The department focuses on training for placements and has several specialized placement training programs being offered on campus. The department also has an entrepreneurship awareness program on campus for the students who are doing MBA from Annamalai University.

6.    Great Infrastructure

University has a well-developed infrastructure. The department of management has a well-stocked library along with a hi-tech seminar hall. The students can also avail facilities like separate hostels, gym, music room, yoga centers, and sports centers. The auditoriums are fully air-conditioned and the University has an uninterrupted power supply. 

7.    Affordable Fee Structure

The University has a very affordable fee structure for the students who want to do an MBA from Annamalai University. For the 2 year MBA program, the fees are 25,850. This is to be paid in 4 installments. The fee is very less as compared to MBA programs in other universities. This affordable fee structure gives students from all backgrounds a chance to advance their careers. Annamalai University focuses on the merit of the students, rather than the monetary benefits. Annamalai University also provides scholarships for more than 200 students to support their higher education.

8.    Tie-up with Reputed Institutions 

The training for the distance MBA from Annamalai University is sometimes in collaboration with other institutions, which ensures that the students get a high-quality education. Institutes like Apachia institute for private training collaborate with Annamalai University to provide high-quality training to the management students. Apachia institute for private training is an institute in Kuwait that provides several national and international courses. Tie-ups like these make Annamalai University one of the best for MBA and distance MBA programs. 

9.    Easy Admission Procedures

The admission procedure to get into Annamalai University is fairly simple and easy to follow. Annamalai University invites applications for its distance MBA program, twice every year. The interested students just have to fill-up the form and submitted the filled form with the required fee and documents. No admission tests are required to get admission for MBA from Annamalai University. The application process for distance MBA from Annamalai University is also similar and easy to follow. The easy procedures for getting admission into the Annamalai University are of great advantage to the students.

10.    The Best Distance MBA Program

Distance MBA from Annamalai University is one of the best distance MBA programs in the country. Annamalai University uses a strategic way for learners to get all the essential information about business development. The University keeps the needs of the distance learning students in mind and the course is designed to accommodate all kinds of students with different lifestyles.  Pursuing a distance MBA from Annamalai University is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to higher education.

These are the top 10 benefits of pursuing an MBA from Annamalai University, hence no doubt pursuing an MBA from Annamalai University is a great option for the students. Several students have secured good jobs and positions like business analyst or strategist, entrepreneur/founder, management consultant, portfolio manager, financial analyst, and many more. The possibilities are endless. The university also is a great option for students who are not able to attend college full time. These students have the option to do a distance MBA from Annamalai University. The distance MBA program of Annamalai University is considered as one of the best distance learning programs in the country. The University takes pride in developing the best business minds of the country.