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25 Sep 2020

Tips to improve IELTS speaking preparation

IELTS speaking preparation tips

The IELTS speaking preparation is not a herculean task if you pursue some steps methodically. The steps will inculcate a spontaneity in the speech and will impress the examiners. Meticulous preparation for IELTS speaking will help you in improving English optimally. In turn, you can make the examiners spellbound with your fluency, clarity, and quality of communication.


Besides the following steps, the IELTS training institutes can guide you to enhance your English speaking skills. Reputed institutions for IELTS training in Kuwait and other countries have been pivotal in preparing students for IELTS successfully. 


Here we are elaborating six tips that would be helpful for you in IELTS speaking preparation. 


1.   Read English Books

You may or may not be a natural reader. However, you must read as much as possible to get a hook of the language. It could be news articles, books or blogs. Read as much as possible. If you are a passionate reader, it will be easy for you to comply with this step. However, those who are not ardent readers may find it difficult to pursue this point. You have to force yourself to begin reading. Once you get into the slot and start comprehending the topics, you will continue the process. It not only helps you in IELTS speaking preparation but also at every juncture of your life. 


2.  Practice Makes Man Perfect

Yes, the next step involves exhaustive practice sessions. You can prepare and memorize IELTS practice questions. Sitting in your room alone or with your friend, who is also preparing for IELTS, you can practice answering to the examiner. You may stand in front of the mirror, if you are alone, and check the way you answer the questions. Along with the way, you pronounce the words and convey your ideas, your body language and mannerisms should radiate confidence. Alternatively, you can record your audio and listen to it. It will give you an idea of how you sound to others. You can correct the wrong pronunciations and slang subsequently.


3.  Think in English

The common error we all make is we think in our mother tongue, or the language convenient to us, and translate it into English. This is the methodology followed by most of the non-English speaking people. Stop doing that. Of course, it is easier said than done. Change that habit through a deliberate and concerted effort. Once you start “thinking” in English, you can speak better in that language. Simultaneously, you can watch more English movies, web series, and shows. It may not have a quick effect. Nonetheless, your brain will imbibe the language, which will be helpful for you during IELTS speaking preparation. 


4.  Focus on Important Aspects

The examiner will look for certain traits in the examinee. You must understand those before you embark on the preparation for IELTS. The candidate is expected to have fluency, coherence, lexical prowess, proficiency in grammar, and accurate pronunciation. Develop and improve upon these skills by focussing on those. Answer the examiner looking directly into his or her eyes. This affirms the confidence of the candidate. A confused or underprepared student will not have the courage to look into the eyes of the examiner. 


5.   Prepare to Speak in Simple Way

Avoid using BIG words you have found out using the thesaurus. The words may have a different meaning in different contexts. You may be trying to impress the examiner with those words. Nevertheless, the meaning of the sentence would have changed due to the wrong usage of words. 


For example – The synonyms for “Preclude” are Prevent, Impede, Stop, etc. 

However, it will be wrong if you say, “I precluded him,” instead of “I stopped him”. The former one is a meaningless statement.


Language is a medium of communication. Hence, your ability to communicate easily and effectively is examined in the IELTS speaking test. Just keep that in mind during the reparation. 


6.   Put up Hard Work

Improving your English towards IELTS speaking preparation needs dedicated efforts from your end. It may not be possible overnight. Nothing is possible overnight. The overnight success you read is also the result of hard work put up over a period. Hence, be patient enough to pursue the steps discussed here and never hurry. Your language is destined to improve if you follow the steps mentioned here.       


Nothing can stop a determined person. The same is the case with IELTS speaking preparation too. It is not an uphill task once you make it as your aim and work towards it. Dedicate a few hours each day towards checking your speech and continue with other parts of preparation, which we have discussed here, during the remaining time. You can perform the best during the IELTS test. 


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