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31 May 2024

13 Effective Strategies to Overcome Test Anxiety in the IELTS Speaking Test

Strategies to Overcome Test Anxiety in the IELTS Speaking Test

To achieve advanced immigration, academic and professional goals, IELTS is a significant move. IELTS test performance can be hindered and cloud the judgement with the test anxiety. Never let the anxiety issues hold you back! You can stay calm and overcome IELTS test anxiety by understanding and implementing these effective strategies.

A few of them include:

Take a Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath is an efficient technique to overcome anxiety or nervousness by slowing down the activity of your brain. A multitude of thoughts cross over your mind when you are feeling anxious. Thoughts take up a large quantity of space in your brain. Opting for breathing relaxation techniques can avoid piling up your mind further and reduce your anxiety for the IELTS test. 

Preparation is Key

Get enrolled in the best IELTS training centres and get ahead for the test with expert guidance and ultimate confidence. Resolve and learn with simple test questions and practice regularly. This is an apt method to boost your confidence and attain a flow of performance. These can be an efficient move to analyse your performance and are a great way to identify areas that need improvement.

Get used to the format

During the IELTS, you need to know the exact format they will be taking on you. 


Visualisation is an effective technique to overcome anxiety considerations. It is even possible to receive a fantastic IELTS score by imagining yourself confidently completing the exam. 

Walking for a while works

Before the exam starts, walking for a while is a better strategy to adopt to relieve tension. Taking a heavy mind or thoughts to the examination hall will have a negative impact on your performance. Ensure you are completely free of mind before entering the IELTS centre. According to your convenience, you have the option to select the date. Try pushing your examination date to something when there is nothing urgent scheduled for that duration. Make sure the anxiety does not reflect on your IELTS band score by planning it well so that you are well-prepared to give your best by all means. 

Adopt a Structured Approach:

Never rush into a solution when you are on the examination track. Take a minute to evaluate each and every question and before falling for something jot down the key points as well. It is necessary to bring in the exact output at each level with a logical approach and a systematic organisation. Try to make a better impression with a structured strategy that will help you stay on track. 

Know the best way to take on

More importantly, it is very much evident to have an understanding of how to perform when you are stuck with a specific problem. Try to keep a better understanding of how to overcome such situations and the best approaches to engage on different question types. 

Positive affirmations

Positive self-talk has the ultimate advantage as a powerful tool in the IELTS examination. Positive statements tend to have the best effect on boosting the confidence level. Be calm and cool with the strong motto of exact preparation is the true spirit to make you excel through all stages. 

Automate Language

The best practices can make you have perfect and positive results. It is with these measures you need to train your mind and make the implementations in real life. For IELTS, you need to train your brain as well, making it likely to function and think automatically on the track IELTS demands. To get to your brain to process in less time demands daily practice. Doing so will make it easier to appear in the IELTS with the trained brain to automate and decode things faster in a very short span of time. 

Vocabulary Expansion

Working on expanding and enriching your vocabulary helps you to know more words. Engaging in conversations is the better you can express yourself and attain an improved grade. Also watching English programs and reading widely are the main actions to contribute to your vocabulary. 

Power Poses

Face your fears with Yoga, which is an excellent strategy to boost your confidence by reducing the release of stress hormones.

Fluency over Perfection:

Fluency in the subject is a must to achieve as it would significantly impact your score. 

Divert your mind

At times, when you feel stressed or anxious, automate to divert your thoughts or limit their impact on your mind. Seek social support from the experts to help you get over such thoughts.