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12 Aug 2021

Popular Courses in the UK for International Students

UK Pouplar Courses

You have decided to chase your dreams, isn’t it? To pursue education abroad is a dream of many. Now that you have got that opportunity to make your dream real, be very sure that each decision you make regarding your desire is the right one. Graduating from any of the top-ranked universities in the UK opens up several opportunities to build a fruitful career. But what course can you learn from the UK? If that thought is disturbing you, don’t worry anymore. This article is all about the popular courses that you can opt to learn from the best UK universities. 


6 Popular Courses in the UK for International Students

Popular Courses in the UK

1. Business Management

Most of the international students who fly abroad to pursue higher education choose to learn business studies. The reason why business studies occupy the top position in the most opted university course in the UK is the quality of education and the career scope. The UK being one of the global leaders in the commercial sector, entrepreneurs and business people have a bright future and those with a degree in business management can shine brighter. By studying business management, students will look at each part of a business, including areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, and administration, and many Business and Management programs offer placements with globally recognized companies, enabling you to experience firsthand what the profession involves.

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2. Finance

By pursuing a degree in finance, you are entering into a world of corporate finance, investments, financial markets, and more.  Students will learn how to prepare and interpret financial information, as well as gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of core financial practice. Some finance degrees offer placements that let you build a career. There are also courses that throw light upon entrepreneurship if you want to strike out on your own.  Career options for accounting and finance graduates include accountancy, chartered accountancy, banking, insurance brokering, financial advisor, financial trader, investment analyst, and tax advisor. With the broad nature of accounting and finance degrees, there is an increasing career opportunity available at a range of different companies and sectors and salaries are very competitive. 

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3. Law

Another popular course you can pursue from the UK is the Law. By enrolling in a law university in the UK, students gain skills in legal research and practice. Good English language skills will be essential to your success if you study for a Law degree. Law programs at UK universities provide a comprehensive and critical understanding of core legal principles and practical skills. Almost every UK law course allows students to choose the option of taking a year’s professional placement at a firm, while an overseas study is also available. There are also options to combine Law with other subjects such as business, politics, or journalism. 

4. Computer Science

If you are inclined towards computing architecture, software, and systems design through to the internet, e-business, you can choose Computer Science as your core subject. The UK has a number of highly regarded computer scientists, and a number of UK universities appear in the top 25 of worldwide rankings. Updated tools, programs, and development kits, etc will help develop your knowledge and ability in areas such as IT, games development, software engineering, design, and security. UK universities are at the forefront of Computer Science, with many departments conducting research for the world's top companies.

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5. Economics

Economics is one of the most popular courses opted by several international students. London, being one of the leading global financial centres in the world, pursuing a degree in economics from the UK bags you immense opportunity to build a successful career.  Some of the world’s largest banks and accountancy firms operate in the UK, and upon completion of the study, there are a large number of opportunities for economic graduates to pursue.

6. Marketing

Study marketing from top-ranked universities in the UK and explore several opportunities to build contacts and gain transferable skills that will be useful across a wide range of business sectors. Modules covered in the marketing syllabus include e-business management, digital marketing, strategic brand management, and understanding consumers. Every marketing course at UK universities offers a work placement for students to gain experience in a busy marketing department, and many degrees can be studied as joint honours alongside another subject you are interested in.

Now that you have got a picture of some of the most popular courses in the UK, choose the most suitable one according to your skill and interest. Remember, you are taking one of the very important steps in life and make sure that you carry it out flawlessly. Apachia Institute offers all services related to study abroad ranging from overseas education consulting to all other value-added services.