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30 Oct 2021

How to Gain a Scholarship to Study in UK

Scholarships to study in UK

The United Kingdom has been one of the most promising educational destinations abroad. Advanced educational infrastructure, comprehensive curriculum, and the presence of world-class universities distinguish the UK from other countries.  The Country has been welcoming for foreign students. International students occupy about 35% of seats in graduation and post-graduation courses in the UK.

Budget is one of the predominant factors one looks at when thinking of higher education abroad. Money is such a thing that has destroyed many dreams. Fund constraints have been a common issue, especially for the children of middle-class parents.

A country that is optimistic about entertaining the maximum foreign students, the UK provides many facilities to encourage them. The National Health Service (NHS) provides medical services at discounted prices (free of cost in some scenarios) for international students. The students can also gain scholarships in  UK and grants if they are eligible.

We would be discussing the various scholarships available for foreign students to study in UK. Get in touch with us to know in detail about the scholarships, whether you are eligible or not etcetera.

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What are the Popular Scholarships to Study in UK?

Let us look into the details of some of the most popular scholarships, offered for international students in the UK. Maybe, you may be eligible to apply for any from the list, which would be supportive for your education in the country. Gain a scholarship to study in UK and Thereby, reduce the financial load on the parents.

Government-aided Scholarships for Foreign Students in  UK


The UK government is very much focused on imparting the best education to qualified foreign students. The governmental organizations made it a point to support brilliant students with additional support by providing funds. The following scholarships are aided by the different departments under the British government.

1. British Chevening Scholarship

Are you planning to pursue a full-time graduate course in the UK? Then, you might be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is the initiative of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and associated organizations. It would render full funding or partial financial support to full-0time graduate students, irrespective of the subject they choose.

2. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

CWIT, the scholarship exclusively for students from India has several stipulated criteria. The scholarship amount available, the duration of the scholarship, streams that are eligible for the scholarship differ depending on the duration of the course and other factors.

3. Marshall Scholarship

Marshall scholarship is exclusively for bright students from the US undergoing postgraduate courses in the UK. Only meritorious students are bestowed with this scholarship. The Marshall Scholarship is limited to some specific subjects. Further, MBA courses are not included in the purview of this scholarship.

4. Commonwealth Scholarship for Developing Commonwealth Countries

The Commonwealth Scholarship for Developing Commonwealth Countries is limited to the students from the countries as specified in the name itself. Eligible students from the developing Commonwealth countries, who want to study Masters or PhD courses, can apply for this scholarship. You may contact us to know the countries eligible for the courses.

5. GREAT Scholarships

Organized jointly by the UK government and the British Council, the scholarship is available for about one hundred postgraduate programs. Covering 36 universities in the UK, the scholarship would provide comprehensive financial support for students. To know more details on the GREAT scholarship, the application process, and other relevant details, you may talk to us today.

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UK scholarships for Foreign Students – Non-Governmental Sector


Many agencies and NGOs also have come up with scholarships and grants to support talented international students. The non-governmental UK scholarships are elaborated in the succeeding sections.  

1. Euraxess UK

A jointly established scholarship by the European Commission and the British Council, this scholarship provides scholarships to researchers from anywhere in the world. Students involved in research can apply for this scholarship, irrespective of their field of research.

2. The Royal Society Grant

In addition to scholarships, financial grants are also available for researchers in the UK. Students from any country can apply for the Royal Society Grant and receive funds to continue the research in the UK.

3. Castle Smart Scholarship

This is a private scholarship offered by a wealthy estate agent Castle Smart. Undergraduate students, irrespective of their country, can apply for this scholarship. The student will receive 6000-Pound Sterling if approved. However, a YouTube video detailing the study, career plans, life goals have to accompany the application.

4. Surf Shark Privacy and Security Scholarship

Surf Shark private scholarship is available for foreign students undergoing high school, under graduation, or post-graduation courses. This scholarship is available to students from all countries. The selection for the scholarship is based on an essay submitted by the student.

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Apachia – Your Reliable Abroad education Consultants

Apachia has been instrumental in the enrolment of students in elite UK universities. Our counselors, study abroad consultants, and executives work relentlessly to guide the students and aid them in admission to the best universities in the UK. We have been successful in facilitating scholarships for eligible students as well. 

We can help you with complete enrolment, visa approval, and other administrative processes for admissions in the top-notch universities in the UK. You may contact us to know more.

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