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19 Jul 2021

How to Bring your Family to the UK on a Student Visa?

Bring your Family to the UK

Are you one of those students who are longing to bring their family to the UK?

Here is the good news. If you are one among those; you can bring your family to the UK.

Use this facility to get your family into the UK while you pursue education in the elite institution in the country.

Are you searching for the eligibility criteria, procedure, and other attributes?

We will look into those, one by one, in this article.


Eligibility Requirements to Bring Your Family to UK on Student Visa

The students seeking to get their families would have to meet certain legal and administrative directives. The foremost thing is that students with Tier-4 visa only would be permitted to apply for the subject visa.

Eligibility to Bring Your Family to UK

You can go ahead with the procedure if you are:

  • A postgraduate student in the UK, undergoing a full-time course with a minimum duration of nine months

  • Attending a course of six months or more, in case of any other education program. The course must be funded by the government of UK or any other country

  • A student with a doctorate, pursuing an extension program

Read on, if you fall in any of the aforementioned categories. Those undergoing other courses in the UK may reach out to us to discuss other options. Our professionals would be of immense help to you in obtaining in-depth information. Let it be about the UK education system, the advantages of the courses in the UK, the renowned educational institutions and the courses offered, or any other such factors.

The facility allows the students to get approval for close relatives, spouses, live-in relation partners, and children below the age of 18. They are eligible to apply for Tier 4 dependant visa.

The authorities need strong evidence for proving the relationship with the live-in relationship partner. The marriage certificate will suffice for those officially married couples. For the child’s dependant visa, the parents must be residing in the UK. A single parent has to prove why only he or she is in the UK. The reasons submitted must be strong enough to justify. The divorced or separated partner can provide the judgment stating the child’s authority.

Process to Apply for Tier 4 Dependant Visa

Process to Apply for Tier 4 Dependant Visa

UK authorities have promulgated a stipulated process for applying for Tier 4 dependant visa. The application could be processed online. Provided that, you have a valid Tier 4 student visa. Those who have applied for visa extension must wait for receipt of an extended visa.  

The application has to be submitted on an individual basis. Separate online applications are required for each family member, including spouse and kid. The documents to be submitted along with the application are:

  1. Passport

  2. TB certificate

  3. Evidence or certificate proving the relation

  4. Proof of student visa

The approval would be for 30 days initially. You and your family members have to carry out the remaining formalities after they arrive in the country. It would include capturing their details, biometric data processing, and ascertaining conclusive details about each of the members.

Cost of Tier 4 Dependant Visa in UK

Cost of Tier 4 Dependant Visa

The total expense for the Tier 4 visa would be around ?700 to ?850. It includes the cost of the visa, yearly healthcare charge, and biometric residence permit. The normal visa processing can take around two months. This means the authority will respond to your application in that periodicity.

UK offers two additional visa processing methods, for those looking for a quick visa, i.e. priority service and super-priority service.  Priority Service would cost you an extra ?500. On the other hand, super-priority service will require an additional ?800. The former will be processed in 5 working days and the latter in 2 working days.   

Fund Requirements

Financial status is of paramount importance when you think of bringing your family to the UK. They must prove the fund availability for living in the UK. The visa application will be rejected in case the authorities are not convinced of your fund sources. All the financial needs linked with education, living cost, and healthcare would be considered by the authority before approving the application.

The dependants must prove the availability of at least ?680 per month, for a period of nine months. This is the minimum amount required. The higher the amount one can prove, the better the chances of visa approval. The bank statement must be submitted along with the visa application.

Please note that the students studying in government grants or under sponsorship can submit proof from the sponsor for proving their financial status. The authorities would approve the visa request if the amount offered by the sponsor meets the laid down money requirements.

Do you still have any doubts regarding bringing your family to the UK?

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