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05 Sep 2020

Home Schooling – Before and After COVID



The concept of homeschooling has been existing for a while. However, a majority percentage of parents are yet to know what it exactly is. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought homeschooling into the limelight. It is the best way to educate your children without sending them to school.


What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling and normal schooling differ in various aspects. Normal schooling follows a fixed curriculum, wherein the child is taught to memorize concepts, theories, and formula. On the other hand, homeschooling doesn’t have a stipulated syllabus. Rather it focuses on the overall development of the child. Once the kid undergoes homeschooling s/he will have a thorough awareness about life. The knowledge thus acquired will make the student capable of facing challenges and succeeding.


Homeschooling has informal reading, cooking, cleaning, gardening, time management, material management, team leading, and organizing as the subjects of education. It will inculcate a sense of responsibility, leadership traits, and managerial talents in the student. The student, who undergoes homeschooling will be equipped enough to tackle the debacles of life effortlessly. This will not be the case with the kid, who had undergone normal schooling. He or she will know the theories, which will help them to score marks. The fact is that marks cannot strengthen you to win life.


Although homeschooling was the best option for the children always, the COVID-19 pandemic has affirmed the necessity of it. The child can remain at home, and learn the skills to make him or her the winner in life. Parents have been apprehensive about homeschooling. It ought to be, as it is a different type of teaching from what they have seen in the past. Changes are inevitable. Homeschooling is a positive change in education that can enable the children to do wonders in life.


Why Apachia for Homeschooling?

Homeschooling institute in Kuwait


Apachia Institute Kuwait has handpicked professionals for coaching the students. Thereby, ensuring the best for the children. Your children can enroll as a homeschooler for both Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE, O level, AS, and A level. The outstanding accomplishments in the past have made the institute the best one in Kuwait.

Apachia has been focussing on providing the best atmosphere for the students to excel in their education. The exceptional features of the institute are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Advanced Classrooms – We have advanced classrooms installed with the most modern equipment aiding the coaching. The optimal usage of technology helps in educating the students in the best possible manner.

Experienced Professional Teachers – Apache Institute has well-qualified professional lectures, who will nourish the students with in-depth knowledge about the subjects taught. The pedagogical methods followed by the lecturers will be ideal to communicate each concept clearly and flawlessly. They will analyze each student and customize the teaching methodology after understanding their weak points and strengths. Therefore, every student will be brought up to the required standard.

Custom-Made Study Materials – We provide custom-made study material to elevate the knowledge level of the students to the optimum. The worksheets will ensure that the students understand the concepts.

Practice Tests – The institute will conduct practice tests for the students to understand exam patterns and become thorough with the type of questions asked. This will also boost their confidence.  

Student-Teacher Interactive Sessions – To ascertain the student’s knowledge level. The teachers will institute necessary measures to raise their standard.  In addition to lecture presentations, video courses and e-learning are also introduced to enhance the knowledge of the students.   


Homeschooling After COVID-19

Homeschooling - IGCSE cambridge edexcel

Coronavirus caused COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a quantum shift in the thought processes of individuals around the world. More than anything, survival has become the biggest mantra of the present. People are advised to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of virus disease. Parents have become concerned about sending their children to school, where several children sit together. A child with the (asymptomatic) disease can spread it in the entire school.

Homeschooling is the ideal option to educate your child in the safety of your home. Even though s/he will not be attending the physical classroom, it will not affect the performance of the kid. The excellent teaching facilities, highly qualified faculty members, and optimal usage of technology will ensure that the student is capable of confronting international competition.

Apache institute has been one of the pioneers in homeschooling in Kuwait. The elaborate and extensive teaching methodology adopted by the institute has been instrumental in preparing students for competitive exams. Joining the institute will be a step towards success in life.