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27 Mar 2024

Finding Job in Canada: A Guide for Indian Job Seekers

Finding Job in Canada

Are you in India and trying to find a job in Canada? Preparing a bit can take you to Canada for the job and is never a cakewalk as everyone thinks. It is not just applying for different jobs out there but needs to boost the chance significantly with several preparations before searching for the job opportunities. In the Canadian job market, the ultimate importance is in understanding the market in all aspects and there is nothing wrong with investing time for the same. Prepare the insights to seek the skilled employers, the industries in demand and job trends that are ethically taking the role. After these, the next step to head on with is to refine your resume to align with Canadian standards. 

Filter them as per the relevant and emphasised qualifications, experiences and skills. Additionally, consider levelling you up to the exceeded expectations of potential employers and upgrading to meet the required skills. Make yourself a more attractive candidate in the job market no matter if you need to enhance your skill set by acquiring industry-specific knowledge or through additional certifications or programs. By taking these steps, make an effective space in the Canadian job market with which you can increase your chances of success before potential employers with a proactive approach.

How to find a secured job in Canada

Increase your chances of getting a job in Canada by sending out applications with a lot of research and hard work. 

Summarise your job search in Canada with these essential steps you need to follow.

Create an ATS-optimised CV

Many think that it is easy to prepare a CV or a resume. The companies in Canada find it difficult to filter the thousands of applications they receive every month. To tackle this situation, they use the Application Tracking System, to filter the CVs they receive and streamline the hiring process. From job posting to zeroing the promising applicants, the whole process is handled by the ATS software. The filtering by ATS happens according to profiles with photos, keywords, alignment, resume formats and even alignment. So reaching the HR desk is the first successful step for the job search in Canada. For the same, make sure you get an international CV under the right resume writing services.

Identify in detail, the Canadian job market for your industry

It is very important to understand what skills recruiters value in your field, who are the employers in your industry and how is their recruitment process. Only a fraction of opportunities are advertised publicly and another large part of the Canadian job market is hidden. You have to be always prepared to network with multiple sources and Canadian professionals and together you’ll need to understand where to look for jobs to get hold of one quickly. 

Apply for a job on the right sources

Now, it is not like the old days, the job application procedures are completely different. To get noticed in 2024, the approach you need to opt for is multi-channel. Reaching the right employer is easier than ever in this digital era and has paved the way through the different online portals.

Bridge skill gaps to improve your employability

No matter how many years of experience you have in your home country, in Canada, it is not the experience, but skills. The candidates with additional or different are always in demand among the employers in Canada. So identify the in-demand skills in your industry before researching the job market and making the applications. This becomes an opportunity to position yourself as an ideal candidate and upskilling allows you to build new skills as well. To improve your chances of getting hired, showcase in-demand skills on your resume.

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Apply for a Canada PR visa

Your probability of getting hired will increase if you are holding a Canada PR. When the company is to sponsor you for a job, the higher chances are for those with the right to work in Canada. Employers are weighing such candidates on a higher scale. If you are an ideal candidate in terms of education and work experience, do apply for a Canadian PR for which you are exceptionally eligible.