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19 Oct 2022

IGCSE Syllabus vs CBSE Syllabus

School students learning IGCSE Syllabus

Do you have a child who has just completed his or her elementary education? Or are you going to take the forms for standard one for your child? Earlier parents took the forms based on the school where he or she wants to admit his or her child. It was more or less due to the popularity of the school. Now the scenario has changed and people take up forms based on the board that is followed in a school. IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an international board for classes in between 1-10. This board is around thirty-year-old board, which is a very efficient curriculum and system wise. If you are thinking of enrolling your child for class 9 under IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, then you can also think of enrolling your child in an international coaching centre known as APACHIA institute. There are rigorous classes of various subjects of IGCSE-Cambridge & Edexcel conducted in APACHIA institute. Now let us see the difference between IGCSE and CBSE that would help you select the board for your child from a better perspective.

IGCSE vs CBSE Board: Significant Differences That would help you make your decision

  • IGSCE board stresses a lot on detailing of subjects. Some other boards at state level also do the same. When you know a particular topic, it will not be enough to just know the basic things about the topic. If you wish to specialize in that subject or topic in the future, then you should know about it in details. The academic level is quite high. The subjects covered in this board are varied and some are highly professional. Although the assessing system has lots of aspects, if a student can follow all those rules and prepare accordingly, they will be highly benefitted in the future.

On the other hand CBSE also covers a lot of topics, but not with so much details and depth. Those who wish to do a job in India in the future might find CBSE course more useful. Unlike IGCSE, it doesn’t have such a rigorous curriculum for every subject.

  • IGCSE doesn’t have fixed range of books which you have to study. Therefore, it allows the student’s mind to grow and develop their intelligence. Students can choose and study whichever book that follows the IGCSE syllabus and suits the student’s level of intelligence.

On the other hand CBSE allows a student to study from NCERT books only in order to finish the curriculum. This is a little restrictive for those students who wish to know more about a particular topic. There could be lots of books that have focused in a different way than NCERT standard books and yet has a good approach. On the positive side, studying from a fixed set of books although may decrease the intelligence level of students, helps them to gain more marks in class 10.

  • IGCSE as the name suggests, is an international board. Therefore, if you have just come back from a foreign country and wish to settle in India, then you should admit your child in IGCSE board. On the other hand, if you are going to admit your child in a school in abroad countries in the future, then before going there, your child can get accustomed to the curriculum of abroad countries by studying in a school under IGCSE board. This board prepares a student for professions internationally.  The curriculum, therefore, taught in IGCSE boards is internationally recognized.

On the other hand, the curriculum of CBSE, which is not as deep as that of the IGCSE board has recognition India wide. Therefore, the degree that a student gets from CBSE schools is applicable for a job in India only. CBSE board can be chosen by those candidates, who don’t wish to go abroad in the future to pursue jobs.

  • Since IGCSE has a reach worldwide, the number of schools affiliated to this board is roughly around 200, whereas the schools affiliated to CBSE board are around 14000 in number. There are very few countries other than India, where you can find IGCSE schools. Therefore, the rules of admission in these schools are quite tough. Once you get admission to such schools, you have to maintain your standard with the curriculum level of the school. Therefore, unlike passing in CBSE schools, students may find passing in IGCSE schools a bit tougher. Here institutes like APACHIA come forward. They have a high quality of tutors who can guide the students properly in the curriculum of IGCSE. Every year the numbers of successful students that pass from this institute speak about the success of this institute.

If you want your child to learn in a school that has a curriculum of international level, then IGCSE is one such board. As you can understand, it is not easy to get admission to such a prestigious board in one go or to keep on getting good results in the strict regime of this board, it is advisable to take professional help from popular institutes like APACHIA.