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13 Jul 2022

Study MBA Abroad: Guide to GRE vs. GMAT Exams


MBA has become a popular higher education course compared to the other technical courses because more employees are leaning toward the management posts in the later stages of their careers. As MBAs started gaining popularity, they started requiring competitive exams to filter out the number of applicants applying for the course. Despite GMAT being the one specifically modeled for MBA with the acceptance of GRE by most MBA schools now, there is a clashing thought among students on which one to prefer for getting into the business school of their dreams. Here is a Study MBA Abroad Guide to GRE vs. GMAT exams.

Key Differences Between GRE and GMAT

GMAT -Graduate Management Admission Test. As the name signifies its importance for Management studies, the examination also emphasizes mathematical and analytical abilities, such as evaluating data provided in the text, charts, and tables to answer complicated issues. As a result, tasks are tailored to assess talents that are perceived to be unique to people with management skills.

GRE -Graduate Record Examination. As a more adaptable exam, the GRE places less emphasis on arithmetic, and thus, the use of the calculator is acceptable to solve quantitative tasks. However, for people whose native language is not English, the verbal component may be more complex than the GMAT since its focus weighs down on vocabulary skills rather than grammatical knowledge.

The GMAT is designed to be a  computer-adaptive exam, which means that based on the student's answering capability, the upcoming questions of a sequence are determined. There is also no option to review your previously answered questions. Meanwhile, the GRE allows students to review their past responses.

GRE vs. GMAT: Which one to Choose?

To Study MBA Abroad, a Guide to GRE vs. GMAT Exams will be relevant. Now that you know the difference between GMAT and GRE, it comes to the point which one would be the best to get you into the business school of your choice. To study Abroad, You can select that using the following determinants for an MBA.

  • Verify Your School List

Do thorough research on the top MBA schools you've shortlisted and check if they accept both the GRE and the GMAT. If GMAT is the only option for the schools you prefer, you have no other choice. Almost all the MBA schools may accept both GRE and GMAT, but it is better to do a double-check.

  • Verify Your Compatibility

Now that you have done your verification on the school list, it is time to check your compatibility with the tests themselves.To get a feel of your performance on each exam, before deciding which one would give you the best opportunity of getting into your preferred b-schools, you have to take the practice test for both exams.

Even though it is a time-consuming and psychologically tiring process, working your way through two separate long, complex tests is the concrete approach to acquiring a 360-degree view of your scoring possibility and your mental approach to each test's structure. Once you know about the tests, you can play by your strength to get into the B-school.

  • Verify Your Possibility

Consider your GMAT and GRE results in the context of your whole application, including your CV, college records, work experience, and fellowships. Try to gain a complete picture of your MBA application's merits and demerits. Then think about which exam appears to perform the most incredible job of reducing your flaws while bolstering your strengths.

For overseas students, the GRE verbal part, for example, is sometimes seen as quite challenging. If you are an overseas applicant with a solid mathematical background and talents, achieving a high GRE vocabulary result will help you to put yourself in a position to establish your linguistic competencies in an intellectually demanding program.

It is vice versa if you already have a strong background in vocabulary. So GMAT could fulfill the purpose of showing your analytical abilities and make you a strong contender for admission to your MBA program.

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To Study MBA Abroad, a Guide to GRE vs. GMAT Exams is recommended for international students. Compared with GRE, the GMAT is designed exclusively for management school applications; your target programs may find that you're serious about getting a degree from them. The administration at business schools may also rely on your GMAT score to assess your capacity to succeed in their classes. The GMAT online exam's flexibility and independence and its unrestricted score transmission provide you the assurance you need to show off your skills.

But whether you choose GRE or GMAT, your preparation time is an investment in not just getting the most significant score possible but also in honing your abilities for the school of management and your future. To rise above the competition in MBA and business master's application pools, it is better to choose the best to make your application complete based on your previous experiences.

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