Jessica El Alam

This is my second year in Apachia. The teachers are very helpful, kind & professional. They helped me improve my overall grades and I am so happy here. I really recommend Apachia as it has got a convenient ambience, the perfect place to study. More ever it is a fun place to be, where we can make friends from different countries. 

Maria Sassya

Teachers are very student friendly, I love them so much. They care and make sure that all students understand their subjects very well through simple techniques. I have been in Apachia for 2 years and I have improved so much since then. I used to get E in my school exams but thanks to Apachia, now I started getting A grades.

Shadeka Israt

What I really like in Apachia is the friendly atmosphere and the fact that the teachers are very close to the students. All the teachers are kind and their way of teaching is really interesting and motivates us to study. I can positively say that Apachia Institute has made me a better student.

Abad Ullah Awan

The classes here had greatly aided me in doing well in my A Level examinations. Although it was a challenging course, the teaching made it quite simple to grasp even the most difficult concepts. Overall, I am very satisfied and had an amazing learning experience at Apachia Institute.

Hussain Ali

Apachia is really a great Institute. I have learned many things from here. Teachers are really nice and they helped me rectify few mistakes I usually make. Now with more confidence I can approach exams and I am so grateful to Apachia.

Rhea Jose

Ever since I joined this esteemed Institute my overall performance in English has improved and now I am so confident in all the four areas; speaking, listening, reading & writing. I am glad that I joined here at Apachia and I hope to achieve well for my exams.